Newar community celebrates Gathamangal

26, Jul 2022 |

Today, the Newar community across the country is celebrating Gathamangal, also referred to as Ghantakarna.

Gathamangal is regarded as the emblem of Bhairava, the ferocious manifestation of Lord Shiva. 

Believed to be the oldest one among other festivals of the Newar community, Gathamangal is celebrated by  assembling figures of the three-legged demon Ghantakarna at street junctions on every Saun Krishna Chaturdashi (the fourth day of the full moon in the Nepali month of Shrawan as per the lunar calendar).

The figures made up of either wheat straw or bamboo or branches of plants are burnt down at night either in the farmland or river or rivulet at night depending on local customs and beliefs. It is said that by doing this, pests and insects are prevented from infecting the crops.

Early in the morning, worshippers take a bath, engage in traditional worship and prayers, and clean their homes and courtyards. In a symbol of rejoicing in the killing of man-eater demons, the figures of the devil are hauled and burned down at night. Traditionally, the newlyweds also pay obeisance to Gathamangal. _Rss


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