Echoes of Faith: Discovering Thanapati Temple

8, Apr 2024 |

Thanapati Temple is renowned for the unique custom of yelling prayers while asking for blessings

Thanapati Temple, originally known as Sthanapati, derives its name from "Pati" meaning owner and "Than" or "Sthan" meaning a certain place. Situated at an altitude of approximately 1,800 meters (5,905 ft.), it holds significant religious and tourist importance in the Manthali municipality of Ramechhap district.

The temple, also known as Latteshwori Mahadev or Baira Mahadev, is renowned for the unique custom of yelling prayers while asking for blessings. It's believed that wishes are fulfilled only when shouted out, and visitors are advised to ask for only one wish. The journey to the temple is accessible via motorbike, albeit with a dusty road initially, requiring a short walk at the starting point.

The ascent to the temple takes around half an hour, offering opportunities to learn about its religious and historical significance. The area features imposing cliffs devoid of vegetation, yet the stairway to the top is manageable, with railings providing safety for visitors. En route, landmarks like Purano Gaun and Bange Salla can be observed, along with Pani Phoke plants historically used for painting homes' windows and doors.

Despite challenges in constructing a road connecting the temple due to various obstacles and believed spiritual energy interference, the surrounding landscape with dry, yellowish mountains and sheer cliffs on either side remains unique. The temple, located among the  towering peaks,invites immense tourism potential owing to its religious significance and captivating geography.

Devotees flock to Thanapati Temple to seek blessings for various purposes, including fertility and livestock health, with rituals involving offering herding ropes and tying rocks, believed to bring prosperity. Its importance transcends district boundaries, attracting pilgrims from neighboring areas during festivals like Teej and Mahashivaratri, where large Melas are organized.

The temple's spiritual significance parallels renowned sites like Kathmandu's Pashupatinath and Haleshi in Eastern Nepal, with a history spanning over 300 years. For visitors to Ramechhap district, located just 15 km from the district headquarters, a journey to Thanapati Temple offers not only spiritual enrichment but also a chance to admire the region's breathtaking natural beauty.

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