Sunil Kapali's Journey and Vision for Nepal's Tourism Sector

2, Jun 2024 |

Sunil began his journey at Yak and Yeti and has since worked in various prestigious establishments within the hospitality sector

Sunil Kapali is an experienced Operational Manager in the hospitality industry, currently serving at Grand Norling Hotel's Resort in Kathmandu. With a career spanning over 25 years, Sunil began his journey at Hotel Yak and Yeti (5-star luxury hotel in Kathmandu) and worked at Hyatt Regency Kathmandu (5-star international chain hotel), Al Diar Siji Hotel (5-star deluxe hotel, U.A.E), Burj Al Arab (World most luxurious 7- star hotel in the United Arab Emirates), Garden of Dreams (The Dwarika's Himalayan Shangri-la Village Resort), Grand Hotel Kathmandu (four-star Deluxe Hotel), Hotel Tibet International (Tibetan, Boutique Hotel) where he honed his skills and expertise in guest services and operations management. Starting from a humble position, Sunil's dedication and commitment have driven him to his current role, where he continues to excel in delivering exceptional guest experiences and overseeing the smooth operations of the resort.

Sunil Kapali stays engaged and motivated through a balanced routine that prioritizes physical health, mental well-being, and professional growth. Regular exercise is a principle of his lifestyle, ensuring that he maintains vitality and energy to tackle daily challenges. Professionally, Sunil is deeply invested in contributing to the growth of the hospitality sector. As an Operational Manager at Grand Norling Hotel's Resort in Kathmandu, he dedicates his efforts to planning and implementing strategies that enhance the guest experience and elevate the standards of service. Sunil recognizes the importance of skilled manpower in driving the industry forward, and he actively engages in planning initiatives to develop and empower hospitality professionals through training and skill-building programs.

According to Kapali,  The hospitality sector in Nepal faces a multitude of challenges that hinder its growth and potential. One significant issue is the lack of well-skilled and experienced manpower. Despite Nepal's growing tourism, there aren't enough trained professionals to provide quality service. This affects the industry's ability to meet international standards and innovate. Another problem is the low wages in Nepal, making it hard to retain skilled workers. Some business units compromise in budget selling over quality service, which harms Nepal's reputation as a tourist destination. To address these challenges, both the government and private sector need to invest in training, improve wages, and focus on quality service. By overcoming these obstacles, Nepal's hospitality sector can unlock its full potential and contribute significantly to the country's economic growth and development.

To enhance the hospitality industry, several key initiatives can be pursued. Firstly, reducing hospitality fees for students. It would make education and training more accessible, encouraging more individuals to pursue careers in the field. This would not only address the issue of manpower shortage but also ensure a skilled workforce capable of delivering high-quality services. Sunil also addresses the trend of a high population going abroad for employment opportunities. By offering competitive salaries, career advancement opportunities, and a supportive work environment, the industry can retain talent and prevent brain drain. Investment in the development of manpower through comprehensive training programs and partnerships with educational institutions is essential. By equipping individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge, the industry can enhance service standards and overall competitiveness, ultimately fostering sustainable growth and success.

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