Maghe Sankranti: Winter feast at Newari Kitchen

20, Dec 2018 |

Maghe Sankranti brings an ultimate winter feast and at Newari Kitchen, a mouth-watering Newari platter has been set up exclusively for this prominent solstice festival.

Plates glistened with sparkling clarified butter, filled with tasty sweets and streets engulfed by the mesmerising scent of sesame and chaku, Maghe Sankranti brings an ultimate winter feast. Here, at Newari Kitchen, we have the mouth-watering newari platter set up exclusively for this prominent solstice festival. Located at pulchowk, Newari kitchen is one of the few restaurants in the city that give you an ultimate Newari experience.

Traditionally, Maghe Sankranti signifies earth’s northward movement, which signifies days becoming longer and the heart- wrenching winter coming to an end. The delicacies of this festival are geared towards warming up the body during cold days, good nourishment, a lifetime free of disease, and purification of one's body.

Chakku, a Newari dish made up of concentrated sugarcane juice jaggery, ghee, and nuts, along with clarified butter is mixed with chiura(flattened rice). Although it is consumed throughout the winter, it is a special element adds a different texture to the glorious Newari platter.

Til ko laddu is a sweet made only for Maghe Sankranti. On the day prior to the festival, jaggery syrup and roasted sesame seed is mixed together and is cooked until it reaches a soft ball stage. Topped with brown sugar, the sweet ball has a soft, chewy texture.Tarul or Yam is placed alongside the laddus. In addition, the platter also consists of Pidalu( Taro roots), green spinach, Khichadi (traditional way of cooking rice with black gram daal) The dish is accompanied by Sanya khuna and tahala, popular winter “jelly-like“ Newari delicacy made up of buffalo stew.

To try the authentic local Maghe Sankranti platter one might have to visit a Newari home as it isn’t usually sold in most of the restaurants in the valley. But to honour this delightful cuisine, Newari kitchen has decided to prepare this platter, with a reservation before a day or so, for anybody wishing to taste it. With Newari themed interior styled with straw mats and straw products, Newari Kitchen provides a taste of the local Newari lifestyle.

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Ayusha Pradhananga is a Content Writer at Nepal Traveller. 

Photo and Video: Sijal Bachracharya

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