2nd Kids Market 2023

18, Dec 2023 | nepaltraveller.com

The organizers eagerly anticipate continuing this journey next year, promising to paint the world with laughter, wisdom, and the boundless potential of young minds

In a burst of youthful exuberance and entrepreneurial spirit, the 2nd Kids Market 2023 unfolded as a delightful triumph, leaving everyone involved over the moon. Heartfelt gratitude is extended to all guests for being integral to this annual extravaganza that celebrates the creativity and business acumen of young minds.

This year witnessed a doubling of the number of Kidspreneurs, a fact that fills the organizers with immense pride. Together, these budding entrepreneurs are not only showcasing their products but are also sowing the seeds of knowledge and life skills in the minds of the next generation. The overarching goal? To nurture a future generation that values adventures, community, a love for reading, and the importance of dental hygiene.

The mission was simple, yet impactful: to have a blast, learn, and spread love for the incredible planet. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to every participant, with special acknowledgment given to the wonderful host and First Aid Guru, Mr. Lama, along with the 50+ incredible partners who made this event possible.

The canvas of joy and learning was painted in vibrant hues, with the support of everyone involved. As the event unfolded, numerous prizes and gifts were bestowed upon the participants, adding an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings.

The winners of the miscellaneous gifts for Kids were greeted with 30 chocolates, complete with valuable information on First Aid Training, emergency numbers, and SDG goals. The KYP (Know Your Parents) Games champions received 2 Tapout Vouchers.

For the young Kidspreneurs, recognition came in the form of Gift Baskets for Best Negotiator, Best Beautiful Stall, and Best Product Knowledge. The crowning glory, however, was reserved for the Best Kidspreneur, who received a Kasara Resort voucher for two on bed and breakfast.

Even the adult vendors weren't left out of the festivities, with two lucky draws featuring a Tapout Voucher for the gym and a Tranquility Spa experience.

The final lucky draw for the kids promised an exhilarating Everest Mountain flight, adding an extra layer of thrill to an already exciting event.

The organizers express their heartfelt gratitude to the supporters whose generosity made this event possible, including Periwinkle, Himalayan Medics, HAMS Hospital, Van Doesburg Books, Kathmandu World School, Dhuku Futsal, Tapout, Uniglobe School, Fresh Mint Dental Clinic, Legos, Bhumithan, Kasara Resort, Yeti Airlines, and Tranquility Spa.

As the curtain falls on this year's Kids Market, the organizers eagerly anticipate continuing this journey next year, promising to paint the world with laughter, wisdom, and the boundless potential of young minds.

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