Rajesh Lama's Epic Journey Of Sagarmatha Summit Success

5, Jun 2024 | nepaltraveller.com

Rajesh Lama summits Everest with The North Face's support, showcasing human resilience and the thrill of adventure.

The North Face Nepal had the honor of hosting a press meet to honor Rajesh Lama, affectionately known as Lama Dai, for his remarkable achievement of Summiting Everest by following the Classic Route of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. This event celebrated his monumental accomplishment, offering him a platform to share the experiences, challenges, and motivations behind his historic climb. Lama Dai’s feat not only enriches the legacy of Himalayan mountaineering but also serves as a testament to human determination and the indomitable spirit of adventure.

The event was graced by several distinguished guests, including Mrs. Pema Shanti Sherpa, the Managing Director of The North Face Nepal. Also event welcomed Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa, Honorary Consul of Belgium to Nepal, Honorary Member of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA), Senior Vice-President of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, Chief Advisor and Past President of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, and Immediate Past President of the Asian Mountaineering and Climbing Federation. Additionally, the event honored Ms. Dawa Yangzum Sherpa, a globally recognized athlete for The North Face.Former tourism minister Yangkila Sherpa also graced the occasion with her presence, adding to the event's distinguished roster of attendees.

Rajesh Lama, widely known as Lama Dai, has achieved an extraordinary feat by trekking from his home in Kathmandu to the summit of Mount Everest (432.6 KM) in just 57 days. Beginning on April 1, 2024, his remarkable journey highlights his exceptional endurance, spirit, and determination. Lama Dai’s epic expedition honors the legacy of Himalayan exploration and exemplifies the relentless human spirit and the power of perseverance.

A professional trekking guide since 2009, Lama Dai has over a decade of experience in Nepal's tourism industry. He founded LaMa Walks in 2013, where he inspires and guides adventurers. Additionally, he serves as the Executive Director at Himalayan Medics, contributing to outdoor safety and medical support.

Rajesh Lama included his home village, Homlo-4 Dudhgaon, in his route as an expression of his deep affection for his roots. He explained that he chose The North Face as the starting point of his journey due to the alignment between his personal mindset and the motto of The North Face Nepal, "Never Stop Exploring." Lama also extended heartfelt gratitude to his mentor and guardian, Dr. Nima, his supportive wife, and the many individuals who provided unwavering motivation and support throughout his expedition

He recounted beautiful moments from his journey, such as assisting locals with their work, listening to their inspiring life stories, and savoring organic and authentic tea, apple juice, and chowmein provided by the event’s host, Sonam Jangbu Sherpa.

The North Face has a significant presence in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu, where it provides high-quality outdoor gear suited for the region's adventurous activities. Established on September 5, 2003, The North Face was the first authentic outdoor brand in Nepal. The Kathmandu store is popular among outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of products, including jackets, backpacks, boots, and other essential gear. Known for its high-quality and durable products, the store ensures customers find reliable equipment for various outdoor pursuits.

The North Face Nepal is a women-owned business with 97% of its staff being women, highlighting its commitment to gender equality and empowerment. Renowned for its high-performance outdoor gear, The North Face provided Lama Dai with the essential equipment needed to endure the harsh conditions of Mount Everest. Lama Dai’s expedition benefited greatly from The North Face Nepal’s clothing, which offered optimal protection against extreme cold and high winds at high altitudes. The innovative layering system kept him warm, dry, and comfortable throughout his journey. The North Face’s mountaineering boots provided enhanced grip and stability, reducing the risk of slips and falls on treacherous and icy terrain. Their durable and lightweight design ensured he could rest adequately and carry his essentials efficiently.

The North Face Nepal is committed to giving back to the community and has been actively involved in various CSR initiatives. During the 2015 earthquake, the brand played a crucial role in relief efforts. They also assisted flood victims in Surkhet and supported a local school by providing school bags and stationery items.


● April 1, 2024: Lama Dai departs from his home in Kathmandu, embarking on an epic trek towards Everest.

● April 15, 2024: After 15 days of traversing challenging terrains, Lama Dai arrives in Lukla, a significant milestone on his path.

● Crossing Renjo La (5,360m) and Cho La (5,420m): Lama Dai navigates the high passes of Renjo La and Cho La, known for their breathtaking vistas and demanding conditions.

● May 15, 2024: Lama Dai and his dedicated team leave Everest Base Camp for their final push towards the summit.

● May 20, 2024: After five grueling days, Lama Dai reaches the summit of Mount Everest.

● May 24, 2024: Lama Dai's journey culminates at Everest Base Camp, marking a remarkable achievement in his quest to conquer the world's highest peak.

Rajesh Lama’s extraordinary achievement emphasizes the vital role of top-quality gear and an unyielding spirit in overcoming extreme challenges. His triumphant ascent of Mount Everest, following the legendary path of Hillary and Norgay, is a profound testament to human resilience and the infinite possibilities of adventure. The North Face’s unwavering dedication to equipping adventurers for the harshest conditions was instrumental in Lama Dai’s journey, showcasing how careful preparation and relentless determination can culminate in truly remarkable feats.

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