Santosh Upadhyaya: A Passionate And Self-Motivated Hospitality Expert Since 1994

9, Jun 2024 |

Santosh Upadhyaya, an experienced hospitality professional at The Nanee in Bhaktapur, emphasizes on cultural preservation, infrastructure development, and sustainability to upgrade Nepal's tourism industry.

Santosh is a passionate, workaholic, self-motivated, and responsible hotelier, deeply involved in the hospitality industry since 1994, working from the grassroots level. Believing that practice makes a man perfect, Santosh has always drawn confidence from within, which has encouraged him to explore and achieve success.

As an internationally recognized expert, Santosh now working as a Sales Consultant at The Nanee, Bhaktapur, who is well known for his adaptability and ability to navigate challenging situations effectively. He leverages both company guidelines and his own initiative to address complex issues, demonstrating a proactive and resourceful approach. Whether or not clear directives are provided, Santosh consistently manages to find solutions and maintain high standards, showcasing his flexibility and problem-solving skills in diverse and demanding environments.

Santosh's pioneering spirit shines through in his concept of bringing a Tibetan-themed boutique hotel for the first time in Nepal. His track record speaks volumes, every property he has touched has thrived under his supervision, infused with positivity and profitability. He has worked at Dwarika's Resort, Fulbari Resort, and various small luxury hotels in Europe. Beyond his managerial skills, Santosh is a great mentor, nurturing talent and fostering a culture of excellence wherever he goes. His tenure in a fine dining restaurant, along with recognition like the Best Employee Award from Radisson Hotel worldwide, emphasizes his contributions to the industry.

In essence, Santosh is more than a hotelier, he's a trailblazer, a mentor, and an indispensable asset to any team fortunate enough to have him.

How do you see your current role in contributing to your organization and Tourism in Nepal?

In our culture, we hold deep respect for our ancestors, believing our history shapes our present and future. With an intent to give back to our roots, we introduced the experiential property "The Nanee." We envisioned The Nanee to sustain and regenerate the heritage of Bhaktapur. Our goal is to create a comfortable oasis in Bhaktapur, a town rich with intricate artworks and breathtaking culture, providing a space for travelers to explore, experience, and engage with its mystique.

The Nanee fosters connections with art, architecture, cuisine, culture, and spirituality. We offer art exhibitions, architectural tours, culinary experiences, cultural events, and mindfulness-promoting activities. By blending traditional Newari culture with modern sensibilities, The Nanee offers a distinctive and enriching experience, encouraging guests to connect deeply with the local heritage, natural surroundings, ambiance, and culture. This approach sets us apart from conventional establishments, providing an authentic and immersive stay that goes beyond mere accommodation and F&B services.


What in your opinion needs to be done to help Nepal’s tourism industry flourish?

To help Nepal's tourism industry flourish, we must stick to the principles that attract tourists and benefit the country. Despite Nepal's rich cultural, natural, and geographical assets, several challenges remain. At The Nanee, we prioritize safety, hygiene, and comfort, knowing these are key to guest satisfaction, which boosts the entire tourism sector.

In summary, most tourists want and really appreciate:

  • Safety
  • Cleanliness
  • Quiet environments (especially at night and early morning)
  • Ease and clarity
  • Honesty
  • Comfort
  • Prompt service

Some problems and challenges to promote and develop the tourism are as follows:

Limited international marketing budget- Although Nepal is rich in natural, cultural, and historical sites, it remains unknown to many, affecting tourism development.

International Direct Flights to and from Nepal- There are no direct flights

Government Tourism Policy on Nepal- Lack of clear-cut and comprehensive national tourism policy.

Insufficient infrastructure development- Nepal is a beautiful country with various natural sceneries, historical and religious sites, arts and architecture, and social cultures. Nepal can be the best tourism hub with the help of its unique features but due to lack of infrastructural development, it is unable to utilize its features.

Inadequate tourism information centers- Tourists need information to make their visits worthwhile. Nepal does not have proper tourism centers to provide the necessary information. So, tourism centers should be established in order to increase the number of tourists.

Overcrowding and environmental pollution- The problem of overcrowding and environmental pollution, is not only hampering the locals but also tourism in Nepal.

Poor maintenance of cultural heritage sites- Despite Nepal’s potential to attract tourists, a lack of conservation activities hampers cultural tourism.

Minimal focus on sustainable and experiential tourism- The government must step in to tap into this potential.

What are you passionate about or what keeps you entertained, motivated, and refreshed?

Passion is the internal energy that drives me forward. When my contributions yield favorable results, it feels like pure nectar, keeping me entertained, motivated, and refreshed. Age is just a milestone, the journey must continue. Knowing that my efforts go in the right direction accelerates my drive to achieve more.

What is the best thing to do in Nepal that you would suggest to tourists or a visitor?

Rediscover the unexplored! Nepal offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and historical depth. If you haven't visited Nepal, you haven't truly seen the world.

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