The Tree Lighting Gala at Radisson Hotel Kathmandu

18, Dec 2023 |

The evening crescendoed to a successful conclusion with a musical holiday experience that resonated with the spirit of the season

On the enchanting evening of December 17, 2022, the Radisson Hotel Kathmandu played host to a captivating ceremony that ceremoniously ushered in the holiday season. The hotel's gracious invitations extended far and wide, embracing guests from diverse industries who came together to partake in this festive affair. The focal point of the evening was the dazzling tree lighting event, a momentous occasion that unequivocally marked the commencement of the joyous holiday season.

Within the confines of the hotel's lobby, an atmosphere saturated with warmth and joy enveloped the gathering. The anticipation reached its zenith when the iconic figure of Santa Claus made a grand entrance, bearing a sack filled with delectable chocolates that elicited sheer delight, particularly among the younger attendees. The festivities continued as all present reveled in the opportunity to capture cherished moments with Santa Claus through photographs.

The Radisson Hotel Kathmandu spared no effort in ensuring a jubilant celebration, featuring live renditions of Christmas Carols that resonated throughout the venue. A visually captivating gingerbread house display, the merry sound of jingle bells, an array of delectable holiday treats, and the infectious cheer exuded by Santa Claus collectively contributed to an atmosphere brimming with festive exuberance.

The culinary artisans of the hotel orchestrated a culinary symphony, presenting a mouth-watering spread that epitomized the perfect fusion of holiday cheer and unbridled enthusiasm. A particularly charming addition to the festivities was a delightful chocolate Santa, capturing the attention and appetite of all in attendance.

The evening crescendoed to a successful conclusion with a musical holiday experience that resonated with the spirit of the season. The Radisson Hotel Kathmandu not only hosted an event; it curated an unforgettable tapestry of holiday joy, where each element seamlessly blended to create an enchanting celebration etched into the memories of all fortunate enough to be present.

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