The historical Newar town of Banepa

10, Sep 2020 |

Once an important town on the trade route to Tibet, it is the launching pad for stimulating short hikes


The historical Newar town of Banepa is situated in Kavrepalanchowk district of Nepal and is famous for its eight different temples of Lord Ganesh, and eight different ponds.

The town is renowned for its outstanding craftsmanship and woodcarving skills which are displayed as evidence in the designs of houses around Banepa.


It is the gateway to short treks like the Dhungkharka-Narayanthan, Dhulikhel-Kavre-Namobuddha-Sankhu- Panauti. Banepa in ancient times was also an important point on the trading route to Tibet.


Highlights of the place

Chandeswori Temple


The temple can be considered as the main identity of the town and is one among the Shaktipeeth. The temple is well known for its features and the painting of Bhairav on its wall which is the biggest graffiti in Nepal. Besides this, the temple has its own cultural as well as religious significance for worshippers.


The temple is located between Banepa and Panauti. It is believed that the right ear of Sati Devi fell here as Lord Shiva wandered the earth carrying her body. The temple is a multi-roofed structure and has idols of many other gods and goddess. It is one of the famous pilgrimage sites in Banepa.


NamoBuddha (Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery) is one of the more important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal. It is an hour by bus from Banepa. It lies at the top of the hill of Shyampati village. It is a quiet place, with its calm and peaceful place that is famous for meditation. Visitors can enjoy both sunrise and sunset from the monastery. The main festivals celebrated here are Kartik Purnima and Buddha Jayanti. The monastery has been home for hundreds of monks since 1978.

Anaikot view tower

Not too far away from Banepa is Anaikot View Tower. It is located at the top of Anaikot hill. The view from the top is really wonderful and panoramic. On a clear day the whole Langtang Range can be seen distinct and clear.

The place is mostly isolated and one can enjoy nature in total silence.


Getting there

Banepa is just 27.7 kms away from Kathmandu and can be reached very easily. It can take upto 2 hours to get there on a local bus from Kathmandu. Most of the major sites are within walking distance. You can stroll around and explore the place while soaking in the history and culture.



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