Mahakali Highway

1, Nov 2020 |

The highway leading to the far western region of Nepal that remains unexplored.


Located in the Mahakali Region, far-west of Nepal, the Mahakali Highway is the vital transport link. This highway links the towns Api municipality in the lesser Himalayas with the western Terai region around Dhangadhi. The road, also known as H14, is mostly asphalted with some gravel sections through a high mountain area. A proposal plan to extend the Mahakali Highway by 90 km to link Tinkar in Darchula District is also on its way.

This 325 km route, from the Terai region in the west to the mountain region in the north, is named after the administrative division of Nepal, which existed before 2015 AD until the new constitution promulgated and is build using lethargic progress.

The highway leads to the far western region of Nepal that remains unexplored. Also, this route, full of turns and twirls, follows the Mahakali River alongside, giving stunning views to capture throughout the journey.

Being the only highway that connects to the remote places of far west Nepal, the construction of the Mahakali highway has been a great aid to the upliftment of the livelihood of the people in the region.


Dhangadhi is a significant junction along the highway as it connects the highway with the east-west main road at Bhimdutta. The highway leads to some of the remote places in Nepal that barely has any road networks. Some of the well-known destination touched by the remote highway are Dhangadhi, Baisi Bichawa, Raikawar Bichawa, Attariya, Krishnapur, Sahajpur, Nigali, Laxmi Nagar, Alital, Saraswotinagar, Gankhet, Koteli, Patan, Bagarkot, Dewal Dibayapur, Salena, Baitadi, Lali, Uku, Api, and others. The highway escorts to beautiful destinations like Darchula, Mount Api, Ramaroshan, Khaptad National Park, and many others.


Q. Which is the most dangerous highway in Nepal?
Karnali highway. Mahakali highway ranks after Karnali highway among the most dangerous highways in Nepal.

Q. What is the starting and ending point of the Mahakali highway?
The starting point of the highway is Dhangadhi and the ending point is Api Municipality. Dhangadhi is the low elevation area of Sudurpashchim province whereas, Api lies in the high elevation area.

Q. Which is the longest highway in Nepal?
Mahendra highway

Complied by Pawana Shrestha, a content writer at Nepaltraveller.


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