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25, Mar 2021 | nepaltraveller.com

Far Western Nepal is usually not on everybody’s bucket list but it has a lot to offer

Known for the Gorgeous Mountains to the diverse culture, Far Western Nepal is usually not on everybody’s bucket list but it has a lot to offer. Popular for various lakes and national parks, the Far West is a charm on its own.

Khaptad National Park  

Stretching over Bajhang, Accham, Doti, and Bajura, Khaptad National Park was established in 1984. It was established on the advice of Khaptad Baba, a spiritual saint who traveled along the high mountainous regions of Nepal. Khaptad National Park is also popular for Khaptad Baba Ashram, a hermitage where Khaptad Baba resided. Besides that Khaptad National Park also has some beautiful places to explore such as Khaptad Daha and Nagdhunga. Khaptad National Park also provides a beautiful view of the Himalayan Mountains. There are 12 lakes in Khaptad National Park that are good bird-watching sites.  

Ghodaghodi Lake

Situated in Kailali District, Ghodaghodi Lake is a Ramsar site in far western Nepal. Ghodaghodi Lake is a must-visit place in Kailali. There are several hotels and lodges which have made it convenient for many visitors. Beautiful Ghodaghodi lake attracts many tourists from both India and Nepal. Ghodaghodi Lake is not only popular for the beauty but also for the preserved rare plants and bird species. Lake also has various native species of fishes, red-headed turtles, and rare crocodiles. The Lake includes 31 species of fishes, 148 species of birds, and 11 species of crocodiles. 

Api Nampa Conservation Area 

Known to be the youngest conservation area, it was started in 2010. Api Nampa is situated in the Darchula district of the far western region of Nepal, the conservation area was named after Mt Api and Mt Nampa. The place has an interesting sight for sightseeing, the conservation area has floral diversity that includes 535 species of angiosperms, 12 species of gymnosperms, and 69 species of pteridophytes. The documented faunal diversity includes 43 species of mammals, 263 species of birds, 69 species of fish, and at least 64 species of insects. 

Rara Lake 

Rara Lake is the biggest and deepest freshwater lake in Nepal. In September 2007, it was declared a Ramsar site, covering 1,583 heaters including the surrounding wetland. Rara lake is located at an altitude of 2990m in the Jumla and Mugu districts. The lake has a maximum depth of 167m and is 5.1km long and 2.7km wide. The lake drains into the Mugu Karnali River via the Nijar River. Rara lake is located in the smallest national park in Nepal i.e. Rara National Park. 
Rara lake is becoming a popular destination with a very rough route in Western Nepal for trekkers. Rara is a lake with magnificent beauty that no other lake can compete with. The lake exhibits 3 different colors in a day. The colors change from sunrise till sunset and the reason behind it is not known. The sparkling waters of the lake are crystal clear which produces the perfect reflection of the hills around the lake.


Rara Lake

Api Nampa Trekking Trail

Khaptad National Park

Ghodaghodi Lake


Gosain Kunda Lake 

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