Subodh Thapa: Reshaping hospitality for tomorrow

21, Sep 2022 |

“Nepal Hospitality Conclave can help take the industry forward in a better, sharper, and more profitable way.”

Subodh Thapa needs no introduction. Having worked in the hospitality industry for more than 30 years in the fields of operational management, sales and marketing, development, and consultation, his contribution to the tourism sector in Nepal is quite commendable. 

Thapa is also a co-founder and convener of the upcoming Nepal Hospitality Conclave 2022, which is set to take place on September 25 at The Soaltee Kathmandu. He envisions the conclave as a grand success with a positive impact on networking, connecting, and planning for the betterment of the hospitality industry.

Excerpt from an interview:

What is the main objective of the Nepal Hospitality Conclave, and what industries, besides hospitality, can look forward to at the conclave?

The nature of the hospitality industry is such that all other industries are connected—engineering, construction, design and architecture, food and beverage, manufacturing and supplies, etc. This means that representatives of all these industries could attend and "take away" a better understanding and network with the relevant professionals for proper partnership, collaboration and planning the strategies. 

How would the Nepal Hospitality Conclave promote and formulate initiatives for the welfare of Nepal’s hospitality industry?

This is the first time that the industry and its stakeholders are meeting to discuss "best practices," both from within the country and internationally. We are confident that sharing of best practices, use of technology, and energy efficiency initiatives will all lead to further discourse on formulating certain initiatives.

How crucial do you think the Conclave is in terms of setting up the hotel industry?

For a potential first-time investor or developer, the conclave will provide a tremendous opportunity to network with seasoned hoteliers, service providers, and financial experts. They will be able to gain first-hand insight into the future of business, thus helping them in decision-making.

Has there been any modification to the planning and execution since the conclave was postponed owing to the COVID-19 epidemic considering the alteration in the timeframe?

Not much, to be honest. In fact, we have synergised the conclave with a HAN AGM that takes place on September 24. Many of the attendees visiting from outside Kathmandu will take the opportunity to attend the conclave.

How would you summarise the endeavours Nepal Hospitality Conclave(NHC) has accomplished so far to foster the prosperity of the hospitality industry?

NHC is a platform for discussions, networking, and a showcase of the latest technologies and products. All these will combine to take the industry forward in a better, sharper, and more profitable way.

What aspects contribute to an excellent tourist experience in Nepal?

Nepal has it all. We are truly a destination for all seasons, all ages, and all experiences.

Once here, the tourists realise the idiosyncrasies of our culture, but the inherent hospitable and friendly nature draws the tourists to revisit Nepal.

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