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The Playground of Gautam Buddha

Taulihawa, located in Kapilavastu district is one of the oldest municipality and the administrative headquarter of the district. The city lies at an altitude of 107m above sea level. Many historians claim Tilaurakot located in Taulihawa municipality to be the ancient city of Kapilavastu. It is believed that this place was the capital city of the Shakya kingdom. King Suddhodana and Queen Maya are believed to have lived at Kapilavastu, as did their son Prince Siddhartha Gautama until he left the palace at the age of 29.


According to the 2001 census, Taulihawa had a population of 27,170. Taulihawa is culturally and ethnically rich and diverse. Awadhi people are the major inhabitants of this region. Other major ethnic groups of people being Tharu, Magar, Maithili, Chhetri, Brahmin. Taulihawa being in the Terai is extremely hot in summer and chilly in the winter which in turn affects the lifestyle of the people. People wear light cotton clothes and rarely come out during the day time in summer while in winter, people wear thick woolen clothes. Most of the population of the district is dependent on agriculture. Paddy, Rice and Sugarcane are the major crops grown in the district. The land is irrigated by the rivers like Banganga, Koili, Surai, Chirai, Bhutera and others.

Some of the major highlight of the City

Highest Number of the archaeological sites in the country.

archaeological sites
World Marsh Region; A region with biodiversity, cultural, archaeological and historical monuments that have been proposed to be enlisted in the list of World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.

Explore the nearby villages like Piprahawa, Pipara, Jahadi,  Hardouna


Kapilvastu Museum.

Suddhodana's Palace. 

Suddhodana's Palace

Tilaurakot; Play Ground of Gautam Buddha and spend 29 years of his life over here.

Jagdishpur Reservoir and Sagarahawa Reservoir

Jagdishpur Reservoir

Temples like Paltimai Temple, Semara Shiv Mandir, Shree Tauleshwor Nath Mandir.

Nigrodharama; The ruins of a Buddhist monastery where Gautama Buddha is believed to have stayed when visiting Kapilavastu after achieving enlightenment.


Visit the birthplaces of two early Buddhas, Krakuchhanda at Gotihawa and Kanakamuni at Niglihawa.

Sarkup Pokhari and Gajedi Taal.

Gajedi Taal

Sagarhawa; The site of Massacre of the Shakyas

Ramagrama Stupa; Believed to be the only intact and original stupa containing relics of Lord Buddha.

Ramagrama Stupa

Community Homestay; Experience the warm hospitality of the Tharu or Awadhi village.

Lumbini; Birthplace of Gautam Buddha. 

Try food like Dikari, Anara Sarpa Soup, Rikoch, Kerba, Ghongi, and special fish dishes. 

Jagadishpur Lake; Bird Watching.


Explore the wildlife and the vast jungle of Taulihawa.

Stupa like Bardahawa Stupa, Derwa Stupa, Kanthak Stupa, Kopawa Stupa, Pipara Stupa and many more.


Getting There

To get to Kapilvastu, one can either take a 45-minute flight from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa and about an hour-long bus ride from there. Local buses and jeeps are available to reach the city. Yeti Airlines, Buddha Airlines has been providing its service to Bhairahawa Airport. Or, if one opts to travel by road, it can take about eight hours to reach Taulihawa, Kapilvastu’s district headquarters from Kathmandu




The Natural Beauty Of Ramaroshan

Simikot: The Endpoint of Nepal’s; ‘The Great Himalayan Trail’

Tikapur: The gateway to Far-Western Region of Nepal

Pokhara, the 'City of Lakes' graced by magnificent vistas of the Himalayas

Martadi: Unidentified diamond of the Far-Western Region

Dolpa; The land of snowy peaks, ancient and remote villages, rich wildlife, lovely Buddhist monasteries and wonderful lakes


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