Chi Chi Grill: Impeccably tasty!

If craving perfectly seasoned, mouthwatering grilled meat delicacies is your problem, then Chi Chi Grill is the solution.

15, Jul 2022 |

If craving perfectly seasoned, mouthwatering grilled meat delicacies is your problem, then Chi Chi Grill is the solution.

Machindra Marg has recently transformed itself into a street known as a delectable, top-notch cuisine hub. A food connoisseur may find it difficult to choose from the options offered, ranging from the Newari traditional cuisine to international delicacies like Korean, Chinese, Thai, and much more. But for meat lovers, there’s a special section right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of food options that will entice you with the aroma of its spices wafting through the street. We are talking about Chi Chi Grill. 

The inviting minimalist atmosphere of Chi Chi Grill, which has just a few seats arranged outside the cloud kitchen model, is complemented by the tantalising aroma of cuisine that catches your attention. They mainly serve takeaways; thus,  the space is trivial. But if you want to devour your food right then and there, you can do so as well.

The speciality of Chi Chi Grill is its small selection of exquisitely grilled food, including whole chicken, chicken leg pieces, whole fish, wild boar, and sausages, which don’t just taste out of this world but are also reasonably priced.

The whole chicken and chicken leg pieces are their staple dishes. The chicken marinated with 19 different spices and grilled at just the right temperature is the one you will remember forever. The finest sensation is when you bite into a hot, substantial piece of chicken thigh with crispy skin and a smoky, charcoal-tinged puff of smoke flooding your tongue in addition eaten with bare hands rather than cutlery gives you the best experience.

In Kathmandu, it's quite unusual to encounter a restaurant providing real, flavourful grilled wild boar, but Chi Chi Grill does it perfectly. The flavour of grilled wild boar is highly enticing due to the exquisite mixture of spices evenly distributed in each piece and topped with fresh lime juice.

Once tasted, you will never forget the juicy and tender essence of the grilled wild boar. 

Sumedh Shakya, the young owner of Chi Chi Grill, when asked about customers’ feedback on grilled items of the restaurant, says,  “We do get a good amount of new customers, but what keeps us going is the ones who keep coming back for our food.”

And rightly so. Chi Chi Grill is a true gem serving mouthwatering, flavour-packed grilled chicken that will leave your hands messy, your tummy delighted, and your heart wanting for more. 

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Chi Chi Grill

Machindra Marg | Lalitpur


12 pm onwards 7 days a week



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