Mountain Biking to Lower Mustang Valley

27, Dec 2020 |

You would surely require a good experience in cycling and a lot of will to make it to your destination with 10 to 13 days of the itinerary.


The journey to one of the beautiful Tibetan valleys of Nepal is surely on the wish list of travelers. It is one of the sacred places for Buddhists and Hindus. Therefore, it is also identified as a spiritual traveling experience. Whereas to add more thrill to the experience, many traveling agencies provide mountain biking itinerary (fixed or customized for more number of people in groups).

Peddling through the lowland topography of Nepal and experiencing the fresh air of remarkable villages will give you a memorable journey. Well, there are, however, few requirements before you fix your mountain bike ride to the Lower Mustang Valley.

Due to land topography, even people with little knowledge of mountain biking can complete the journey. You would surely require a good experience in cycling and a lot of will to make it to your destination with 10 to 13 days of the itinerary. Also, the longer the itinerary, the better it is for the intermediate level, as it gives them enough rest and time to explore the stop spots. Also, the altitude level rises to 4000m, so the travelers must also be altitude friendly for this trip. Therefore, if you are physically, mentally, and spiritually determined to reach Lower Mustang with a spark of adventure in your journey, this destination is for you!

The journey of biking starts from Pokhara, Nepal. The route is most likely to be the same as for normal hikers to Mustang (Read: Getting There). However, getting a customized itinerary is always the option. The way to Pokhara can be either a flight or a drive.

For travelers who are aware of the route to Mustang and have already traveled there can organize their self rider group and slowly peddle up to the destination. Whereas, for first-timers to Mustang, we highly recommend you to take a guide, as it not only helps to guide you through the path but, also protects you from any unknown future accidents and saves you a lot of time to explore more.

The journey up to Lower Mustang will give you a jaw-dropping view of mystical mountains, an experience of the traditional and cultural lifestyle of local Himalayan people, and pilgrimage sites like Muktinath. For more flexible and skilled bikers, they can even extend their itinerary plan and level up the mountain biking experience to travel to another most highly appreciated destination, Upper Mustang.

Agencies in Nepal provide you this journey at every time of the year. However, the most recommended session is: during Spring and Autumn for every travel destination in the Himalayan region.



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