Bandipur: A Traveller's Paradise

21, Apr 2022 |

Known for its natural beauty and warm residents, Bandipur is known to be one of Nepal's most beautiful cities. Situated atop a hill, Bandipur has retained the authenticity of its Newari culture and heritage.

Resting beautifully on the hilltop at an elevation of  1030 meters (3379.265 ft) above Marsyangdi River Valley, is Bandipur. This beautiful place is in Tanahun district, the birthplace of one of the greatest poets and writers of Nepal, Bhanubhakta Acharya, Adikabi. With the Mahabharat mountain range as its background, this town is 143 kilometers to the west of Kathmandu and 80 kilometers to the east of Pokhara. Popular for Newari people and their culture, Bandipur has a variety of things to do and places to visit.


Siddha Cave

It is the home of one of the largest caves in Nepal and second largest cave in South Asia, Siddha Cave. Located in the Bimalnagar of the district around 30 minutes away from Bandipur and the headquarter, Damauli and an hour and half from Bimalnagar walking up hills on steps. The cave is about 0.5 kilometer inside, and can fit around 2,500 people inside. The place is open from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening. It provides the great adventurous experience of being inside a small world without a single  source of light. 


Khadga Devi Temple

It is one of the most unusual temples in Nepal where the temple looks like a residential house but the roof of the temple is different and attractive. The temple is located about 4.5 kilometers north from Bandipur. This famous Hindu temple worships Khadga (sword), wrapped in many layers of cloth, instead of statues of god or goddess as a symbol of female power. The Khadga is wrapped in Many layers of cloth because it is believed that whoever sees the sword invites death by vomiting blood. It is believed that the sword belongs to Tansen (King of Palpa), gifted by Lord Shiva  and the blade is revered as a symbol of Power (consort of female energy) and once a year during Dashain it gets a taste of sacrificial blood. 


Thani Mai Temple

Located on a hill about 5 kilometers away from the Bandipur, holds not only religious value but cultural value as well. It takes a half an hour hike from the school near the end of Bandipur. Throughout the trial one can find the map to reach the destination and the path is composed of the steep stone, which can be a little hard to climb.  Apart from the religious and cultural value, the temple offers the great panoramic views giving the great view of the beauty that the area has to offer.  The beautiful sunrise and sunsets, valleys and the landscapes with tall mountainous backgrounds. 


Bandipur Paragliding

Bandipur is also one of the best places to enjoy the feeling of being in the area enjoying the area with a birds eye view. With the great views the place has to offer one rarely wantsto lose the chance. 


Text by Ankita Maharjan


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