Blog: A short hike to Lakuri Bhanjyang

The warmth of the winter sun, especially on top of a hill after the 2.5 hour hike, was exquisite

14, Dec 2022 |

Lakuri Bhanjyang is tranquil, away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, and is a must visit place in the Kathmandu Valley.

Last Friday, I decided to take a break from my routine and decided to go on a hike to Lakuri Bhanjyang, a picturesque hill station 15 km from Kathmandu. I asked a couple of my friends to accompany me on the hike. They were pleased to join me. So, we packed our bags, preparing for the 2 to 3 hour hike.

My two friends and I met at the Gwarko Chowk, a crossroad on the ring road. We took a bus to Dhungen. The bus was extremely crowded. Therefore, I recommend that you take the bus from Lagankhel if possible, to secure a seat.

The bus took us to eastern Lalitpur, leaving Imadol, Saanagaun, and Lubhu behind. The typical compact dwellings of the Kathmandu Valley slowly began to be spread out, and the roads began to widen. Moving forward, we saw clear and lofty hills ahead of us, and all of us wanted to summit those hills.

We got off the bus in Lamatar because one of my friends, Nikita, wanted to take a photo in Lamatar’s famed Selfie Road. Then, we moved forward towards our destination. The vast road became lost in the hills. It was spectacular. We walked towards Dhungen after taking pictures. We had to walk 30 minutes more because we got off the bus before our station to take selfies on the Selfie Road. All the way to Dhungen, we joked around and laughed. We took a left turn after arriving at Dhungen Bus Stop and went off road to a rough alley. The little road marked the beginning of our trek to Lakuri Bhanjyang.

The first part of the hike was a lot of fun. We had to travel along roads with bamboo shoots grown on one side and a little brook on the other. Even though it was an uphill climb, it wasn’t too stressful. After strolling for a bit on a tiny road, we came to a wider, off-road path. The road wound through the pine forest, taking us to the peak.

The pine forest became increasingly dense as we ascended. We could hear birds chirping and insects buzzing. The walk through the woodland was quite therapeutic. We joked the entire way up. It was nice to catch up with them. We had little snacks in our bags. So, we took snack breaks and rested before we began climbing again. I recommend bringing masks because the route was quite dusty.

We arrived at the peak in the middle of the day and spotted some people having picnics there. We also took a break and sat on a spot. The warmth of the winter sun, especially on top of a hill after the 2.5-hour hike, was exquisite. We were hungry by this point. So, we ate the lunch we had taken with us. It was an incredible experience to eat lunch on top of a hill surrounded by the mountain range. We wandered about for a bit before basking in the sun.

It was time to go home after a while. We didn’t want to return because the site was so gorgeous, but we had no choice. The downhill was faster than the ascent. It took around 2 hours to return; that too at a sluggish pace. The woodland and the twisting trail remained unchanged. At dusk, we were tired. Nonetheless, we were invigorated by being close to nature. It was an enjoyable experience hiking back and forth. And despite our exhaustion, the view from up there was well worth it.

We had to return that day. But I wish I could remain there. There are several hotels and resorts available for overnight stays as well as meals. It was a great trip with gorgeous sites. However, I recommend bringing your rubbish back with you and disposing it properly in dustbins because I saw litter everywhere, which unfortunately degraded the environment.

Lakuri Bhanjyang is a lovely, pleasant, and affordable one-day hike near the Kathmandu Valley. It is tranquil, away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. I enthusiastically recommend going on hiking to this sublime destination.

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokarma

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