Namaste Jharana: Where Nature Wows Locals

14, Mar 2024 |

It is a prominent attraction known for its natural beauty and unique features.

Namaste Jharna is situated in the Bhedetar village development committee within the Dhankuta district of Nepal. It is a prominent attraction known for its natural beauty and unique features. The falls, standing at an impressive height of approximately 80 meters, captivate the attention of both locals and tourists alike, drawing significant domestic tourism.

Its popularity among domestic tourists stems from its accessibility and the awe-inspiring spectacle it offers. People from various regions such as Jhapa, Dhankuta, Morang, and Sunsari flock to witness the splendor of Namaste Jharna in large numbers.

One of the remarkable features of Namaste Jharna is the mesmerizing rainbow-like formation that emerges close to the waterfall. This formation exhibits a stunning array of seven colors, resembling the shape of a "Namaste," a traditional greeting gesture in Nepali culture. This natural phenomenon adds an extra layer of charm to the already breathtaking scenery, making it a memorable experience for visitors.

Additionally, Namaste Jharna holds significance beyond its aesthetic appeal. It serves as a destination for researchers who are drawn to study its geological and ecological aspects. The falls provide a rich environment for research, contributing to the scientific understanding of natural formations and ecosystems.

Overall, Namaste Jharna stands as a testament to the beauty of Nepal's natural landscape and cultural heritage, offering a blend of scenic splendor and scientific intrigue that continues to attract tourists and researchers alike.

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