Shashwat Dham: A Spiritual Oasis and Architectural Marvel

6, Jul 2023 |

Shashwat Dham stands as a beacon of spirituality and architectural brilliance in the heart of Nepal's Nawalpur district

Shashwat Dham, nestled along the East-West Highway in Devchuli, Nawalpur district, is a mesmerizing Hindu religious site and a must-visit tourist destination in Nepal. With its magnificent temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, a Vedic karmakanda gurukul, and a serene Sri Sri Center for Yoga and Meditation, Shashwat Dham offers a harmonious blend of spirituality, architectural brilliance, and natural beauty. Constructed by the esteemed CG Group, this sprawling 12-acre religious complex has become a revered pilgrimage site and a tranquil retreat for seekers of inner peace.

Architectural Grandeu

At the heart of Shashwat Dham lies the majestic Ekambareshwor Temple, a masterpiece of Khajurao-style architecture. The temple's intricate design and exquisite craftsmanship leave visitors in awe. Modeled after the famous temples of Khajurao, the Ekambareshwor Temple stands as a testament to Nepal's rich cultural heritage. Its graceful spires, detailed carvings, and ornate pillars create an ambiance of spiritual grandeur that captivates the senses. As visitors approach the temple, they are greeted by a serene pond brimming with water from revered holy shrines across the Indian subcontinent, including Badrinath, Kedarnath, Muktinath, and Pashupatinath, enhancing the sacredness of the surroundings.


Inauguration Ceremony

A significant asmilestone in the history of Shashwat Dham was the grand inauguration ceremony, held on March 7, 2017. The esteemed presence of President Bidya Devi Bhandari, along with notable dignitaries such as Kamal Thapa, Bikram Pandey, renowned Indian spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and Sri Lankan Minister Dayaa Gamagae, added to the auspiciousness of the event. The inauguration ceremony marked the beginning of a new era for Shashwat Dham, as it opened its doors to devotees and visitors from around the world.


Spiritual Sanctuary

Beyond its architectural marvels, Shashwat Dham offers a serene and spiritually uplifting experience. The Sri Sri Center for Yoga and Meditation provides a tranquil environment for individuals seeking solace and inner growth. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Nepalese landscape, visitors can engage in meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices to rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul. The peaceful ambiance and guidance from experienced practitioners make Shashwat Dham an ideal destination for spiritual seekers and wellness enthusiasts.

Shashwat Dham stands as a beacon of spirituality and architectural brilliance in the heart of Nepal's Nawalpur district. With its divine Ekambareshwor Temple, serene Sri Sri Center for Yoga and Meditation, and mesmerizing pond symbolizing revered holy sites, this religious complex offers a unique and enriching experience for all who visit. Whether you seek spiritual enlightenment, architectural marvels, or a tranquil retreat amidst nature, Shashwat Dham is a destination that promises to leave a lasting impression on your heart and soul. Embark on a journey to this sacred oasis and discover the profound beauty and serenity that await you at Shashwat Dham.

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