Top 5 Shopping Destinations in Kathmandu for Dashain 2020

Top 5 Shopping Destinations for Dashain 2020

6, Oct 2020 |

Dashain is around the corner and there has already been a fever in people for shopping.

Compiled by Kushum Kharel

If you have any questions in your mind about where to shop in Kathmandu for this Dashain, then you must give a look at this post where we will ease your confusion by listing out some of the major destination points for shopping.

We are in the midst of Covid-19 but it has already been more than 6 months living life like this. Everyone of us wants to get back to our normal life at this moment because some of our yearly grand festivals are on the way. Dashain,Tihar and Chaath are just a few weeks away and lockdown has also been eased with which 90 percent of markets have already been open. This is something positive for shopping lovers.

Festivals bring a lot of joy in every person's life but along with joy there are also many practices which we follow during festival time. One of them is shopping. For children, teenagers and adults, festivals are all about shopping, shopping and shopping. Some weeks ago, most of you were sad because of lockdown but now with lockdown being eased and malls/shopping areas being open, you are so excited and also have already started making a list of things you need to buy. So, here are some major shopping areas where you can get the best clothes at reasonable prices.

1. Ason Bazaar

Ason Bazaar is one of the most popular destinations for every Nepalese citizen. Be it for the purchase of utensils, furniture, clothing, decoration items etc. popular choice for Nepali is Ason Bazaar. The items kept in this area are qualitative and also affordable. The bazaar at Asan attracts shoppers from all over Kathmandu. This journey is the final destination for every shopper because of the tremendous availability of every stuff like merchandise sold here, ranging from foodstuffs, spices and textiles to electronics and bullion. If you ever visit this place, you will never return empty handed because it will satisfy you easily. The business here is run mainly by Newar communities from a very long period of time.

Pros: You can get qualitative clothes at low price as compare to other places

Cons: Because of narrow passages and alley, there is a lot of crowd which can be bad during time like this

2. Newroad

New Road is outstanding amongst other strip malls in Kathmandu, Nepal. The new road is known as the business heart of Kathmandu. It is where there is a gathering of the different money managers. The nation is opposing and stacking the financial weight easily and effectively in light of the business exchange which is done on the new road. There is an introduction of the finance manager from all sides of the nation for purchasing and providing the merchandise to all aspects of the nation at discount rates. Other than doing wholesaling, there are additionally numerous retailers which offer things to people in general at reasonable cost. Besides celebrations, this spot is also suggested for shopping during the entire year. This place is a mixture of every facility.

Pros: You can get the latest design of clothing items here, same like found in other expensive malls.

Cons: New Road is a bit crowded which results in robbery sometimes and also the shops here are established at i.e fixed rate which increases chances of getting a discount.

3. Bhatbhateni

BhatBhateni is a standout amongst other strip malls in Kathmandu, Nepal. Bhat-Bhateni is the market which comprises and offers the support of items and administrations to the client consistently. It is the market which holds the quality merchandise as it were. It is probably the biggest store in Nepal giving the administrations of each item from the numerous parts of Kathmandu. This is Nepal's biggest business and shopping networks which contain the shopping idea that implies purchasing merchandise and selling products. The item is likewise imported from the other nation for the particular focusing on client or miniature client. So it arranges and causes the better to feel better as it gives all the basic food items and formally needs under one roof. At present, six stores are in activity in Kathmandu and more are working in Pokhara, Lalitpur, Dharan and that's only the tip of the iceberg. It offers the types of assistance of around 120000 item blends of public and worldwide brands.

Pros: The products and services you get from this place are very good in quality and you can also buy here very safely.

Cons: As it provides very branded clothes, the cost is little bit high as compared to other shopping centres.

4. Gaushala Mart

Gaushala Mart is extraordinary compared to other strip malls in Kathmandu Nepal. It is additionally one of the famous and most customer accessible spots in Kathmandu where there is the slow and sequential exchange of the business. The individuals from out of the valley get down from the bust generally in Gaushala and they do shopping in the shop of Gaushala. Gaushala has numerous offices and it likewise gets and gets more clients because of the meeting spots of Pashupatinath. Individuals from wherever are constrained to visit the Pashupatinath for getting the Darshan of God Shiva. Subsequently it is otherwise called the strip mall of Kathmandu that depicts the strict truth and industry and promoting truth.

Pros: While shopping for qualitative clothes at low price, you can also worship the God Shiva.

Cons: Because of people being there for pashupatinath, it is over crowded which may result in pollution in the area.

5. Bhrikutimandap

Bhrikutimandap is one of the best shopping centers in Kathmandu Nepal. Because of the availability of the not so high quality goods, this place is best known for the low price shopping center. However, one can't say goods are very low in quality, it is just somehow less durable than clothing of other places. It is located near the Ratna park where people run their business under the roof. It is the marketing center which mostly gets the bargaining customer for selling the products. With this intention, shopkeepers have also kept and tag the high charge of the product. One who enters this area, buy goods in high quantity as the more you buy, the more discount you get. This kind of formula exists in the place.

Pros: The place is fully managed as per product basis and the cost of the products are very low (also depends on your bargaining power).

Cons: The product items kept in the place are not so qualitative and one has to do high bargaining in order to get a discount. 

Things To Remember Before Shopping

Nepalese markets operate in bargain power, so no matter you are a foreigner or local, don’t step backward in bargaining.

Before buying any products, give attention to its quality as there exist so many duplicate products too at extremely high price

Always carry mask and sanitizer while you are going for shopping since most of the shopping centres are very busy and over crowded


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