Unmasking the Charms of Agni Bhawan

11, Aug 2023 | nepaltraveller.com

Today, the legacy of Lazimpat Durbar lives on as Agni Bhawan, reimagined by Ram Shanker Shrestha into a historic luxury heritage hotel

Nestled in the heart of Kathmandu, Nepal, the Lazimpat Durbar, now known as Agni Bhawan, stands as a testament to the nation's intricate history and the stories of its rulers. This palace complex, located to the north of the Bagmati River and adjacent to the iconic Narayanhity Palace Museum, has witnessed the rise and fall of dynasties, making it an integral part of Nepal's heritage.

A Historical Tapestry

The palace's chronicles are closely intertwined with the country's past, reflecting the evolution of Nepal and its sovereigns. Initially, Lazimpat was the residence of the Pandey clan, while nearby Thapathali housed the Thapas. The palace gained historical significance during the Kot Massacre on September 14, 1846, when Kaji Bir Keshar Pande occupied the premises and met a tragic fate. The palace later came under the occupation of Kaji Mama Col. Tribikram Singh Thapa, who resided there for nearly three decades before departing for Varanasi in 1875. 

An Era of Transformation

The original Lazimpat Durbar was dismantled, giving way to the construction of a new palace by Prime Minister Bir Shumsher JBR for his brother General Jit Shumsher in 1886. When General Jit Shumsher passed away in 1913 without an heir, his palace was claimed by Juddha Shumsher JBR, who then bestowed it upon his son Agni Shumsher JBR. Following Agni Shumsher's demise, the palace changed hands and was eventually transformed into a hotel.


A Fusion of Past and Present

Today, the legacy of Lazimpat Durbar lives on as Agni Bhawan, reimagined by Ram Shanker Shrestha into a historic luxury heritage hotel. The palace's interior has been meticulously renovated to retain its regal charm while embracing modern comforts. As you step into Agni Bhawan, you're enveloped by an ambiance that seamlessly blends the opulence of Nepal's history with contemporary elegance.

Hotel Shanker: A Journey Through Time

Now operating as Hotel Shanker, this historic palace invites you to embark on a journey through time. The meticulously preserved architecture, sprawling courtyards, and lush gardens evoke an era when royalty graced these very halls. The hotel pays homage to Nepal's intricate craftsmanship, with intricate woodwork, exquisite detailing, and traditional motifs adorning its interiors.

A Haven of Tranquility

Hotel Shanker offers a haven of tranquility amidst the bustling city of Kathmandu. Guests are treated to an array of modern amenities while being immersed in an ambiance that celebrates the grandeur of Nepal's past. Whether you're exploring the charming courtyards, indulging in gourmet cuisine, or simply unwinding in luxurious accommodations, every moment at Hotel Shanker is a fusion of heritage and comfort.


Embrace the Splendor

Lazimpat Durbar, reborn as Agni Bhawan and now known as Hotel Shanker, invites you to embrace the splendor of Nepal's history. Experience the allure of a bygone era as you revel in the comfort of modern hospitality. This destination offers not just a stay, but an immersive experience where the stories of Nepal's rulers echo through every corridor and where the essence of the past merges harmoniously with the present.

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