Weekend Hike to Marble Dada

6, Nov 2022 | nepaltraveller.com

Rebika Ghimire takes us on a Saturday adventure to a hiking destination in Godawari

Godavari and its hiking routes that go to Phulchoki are the first things that come to me whenever I consider the tranquil jungles close to Lalitpur. After visiting the Godavari Botanical Garden, Naudhara, Panchdhara and Monasteries, I was eager to see more of the area. I considered taking a trek to Phulchoki, but I preferred a shorter hike because it wouldn’t be as strenuous. I asked the locals for recommendations, and they mentioned Marble Dada, a place close by. A 30-minute climb will take you to Marble Dada from Godavari Bus Park.

A mountaintop called Marble Dada is named after a marble factory that once stood there but was shut down five years ago. It is now a lovely vantage point from which you can see the city of Kathmandu on your left and the verdant hills of Phulchoki on your right. 

Although it is somewhat less well-known to the general public, it has every chance of becoming a popular tourist attraction. However, domestic nomad travellers are becoming increasingly aware of the place.

In a microbus from Lagankhel, I and one of my pals arrived at the Godavari Bus Park. We rode the bus for around 30 minutes before arriving at the final station. Since there are no stores to buy food and beverages on the mountaintop, we decided to buy some chips and drinks so that we could snack on them while admiring the scenery once we arrived at the Marble Dada. We left the bus park heading north, which also goes to the renowned Naudhara with food in our bags.

We strolled in the tranquil woodland while exchanging life’s secrets with one another while listening to the birds chirp. The journey there was therapeutic.

After travelling about 100 metres, we came to a crossroad with two directions, one taking us directly to the magnificent Phulchoki and the other taking us to where we were heading. By hopping from one stone to another, we bridged a little river after turning to face east on our way.

As we entered the deep woodland with off-road tracks, we left the pitching road behind. The winding and bumpy roads in the forest were exciting. For a while, the sound of the rivulet accompanied us, but after some time, we began to climb the hills, leaving the tranquil sound of the running water behind. Another gift of nature followed, and this time it was the breathtaking beautiful green hills.

After a really enjoyable 30 minute hike through the wilderness, we arrived at the summit. The view was breathtaking from the top. On one side, hills encircled us, and on the other, a cityscape could be seen. A family picnic was being held, other people were performing photo-shoots, and a few couples were enjoying some alone time up on the top. Everyone was having fun while participating in their respective activities without hampering others’ peace.

We also went to a spot and sat there while taking in the view, eating, and conversing. We had a wonderful experience. We took a little break before commencing to take photos of one another. We both captured “Instagram Worthy” moments. We took a leisurely stroll around the hill before returning to the bus park.

Because of the slope, returning to the bottom was comparably faster than going up, but both directions were enjoyable.

The rubbish that was thrown all the way from the bottom to the top bothered me the most throughout the entire hike. The abundance of plastic wrappers and other non-biodegradable waste elements lessened the area’s charm.

Overall, it was a pleasant hike and a change from the same things we usually do. We soaked up the excellent vibes and are now prepared to resume our respective task with vigor. I recommend that you all trek the Marble Dada, but remember to maintain the area tidy and protect the positive qualities it possesses.

Compiled By: Rebika Bishokarma

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