Bengali Food Festival at The Soaltee Kathmandu

23, May 2024 |

The Soaltee Kathmandu proudly presents its Bengali Food Festival, running from May 22nd to May 31st at the charming Garden Terrace

The Soaltee Kathmandu proudly presents its Bengali Food Festival, running from May 22nd to May 31st at the charming Garden Terrace, the hotel's all-day dining restaurant. This festival promises to transport you to the heart of Bengal, immersing you in its rich culture, music, and, most importantly, its exquisite cuisine.

From the moment you arrive, you'll be greeted by the vibrant colors and warm hospitality of Bengal. The staff, dressed in traditional Bengali attire, create an authentic atmosphere that sets the stage for an extraordinary feast. Kick off your experience with a refreshing array of welcome drinks, including Daab Sarbat, Aam Panna, Shikanji, and Mishti Lassi, each sip a prelude to the culinary delights that await.

Throughout the festival, the buffet lunch and dinner will feature a dazzling array of traditional Bengali delicacies. Begin your gastronomic journey with appetizers like Begun Bhaja with Yogurt Chutney (fried eggplant fritters), which tantalize your taste buds with their unique flavors. The main courses are a sumptuous delight, featuring dishes such as Aloo Begun Machher Jhol, Aloo Begun Murgir Jhol, Sukha Gosht, and Kosha Mangsho. For our vegetarian guests, we offer delectable options like Dahi Baingan, Mochar Ghonto, and Dal Chola. Complement your meal with fragrant rice dishes like Ghee Bhat, Khichuri, or Bengali Biryani, accompanied by savory sides like Aloo Posto and Shorshe Fish.

Make sure to save room for dessert, as the festival concludes with a sweet finale featuring treats such as Mishti Doi, Rasogolla, Sandesh, and Patishapta, guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Adding an interactive touch to your dining experience, the Live Food Counter showcases small bite foods and beverages, allowing guests to enjoy fresh, made-to-order dishes. For a refreshing interlude, visit the beautifully decorated Green Tender Coconut Counter in the Sundeck area, where you can savor the local freshness in true Bengali style.

Join The Soaltee Kathmandu to celebrate the culinary heritage and traditions of Bengal from May 22nd to May 31st, 2024. Whether you're a long-time enthusiast of Bengali cuisine or eager to explore new flavors, the Bengali Food Festival promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

The Soaltee Kathmandu

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