Explore the unexplored: The Tsum Valley

Very few people have been to this remote valley to enjoy the shabby but nurturing laps of mountains

17, Oct 2022 | nepaltraveller.com

An isolated region of cultural majesty

Tsum means vivid, just like its meaning stands the unexplored Tsum Valley in the remote and rugged area of central Nepal, high up on the Tibetan border. People living in the Tsum Valley are of Tibetan origin and have their own unique culture. They are called ‘Tsumbas”. 

Tsumbas still follow the indigenous method to survive livelihood and lack modernism due to the valley’s remoteness. Locals of the Tsum Valley do agriculture to fulfil their needs. They have started animal husbandry and are slowly raising their living standards.

The Tsum Valley carries a long history of Buddhism and Tsumbas have strong faith in Buddhism. It is said that there is a favourable ambience for fortunate events in this valley. Milarepa, a Buddhist saint, meditated in the caves of these mountains, according to the local people.

Hiking in the Tsum Valley was banned till 2008 by the government, but after 2008, they changed their mind and made the decision that everyone should see the beauty of the remote yet majestic place. Though hiking and trekking are allowed now in the valley, very few people have been there and enjoyed the shabby but nurturing laps of various mountains. If you plan to trek there, we assure you that you will get an un-crowded great experience.

The valley is shielded by grand mountains, such as Baudha Himal, Himal Chuli to the west, Ganesh Himal to the south, and Shringi Himal to the north. The place is the actual combination of immense natural beauty and a captivating cultural experience. The trekking trails go through dark and mysterious pine forests, plunging waterfalls, darting streams and sacred monasteries. The trail is decorated with the scattered artistic Chortens, and Mani are made in thousands of stone slabs carved with drawings of deities and inscribed with prayers.

The Tsum Valley trek is one of the most thrilling treks in Nepal that takes to the remotest and pristine areas untouched by population and pollution. The trek starts with a scenic ride through the Nagbeli hills of Nepal to Soti Khola. The Budhi Gandaki River guides you through the ascending and descending villages and ridges, making you listen to the natural music it produces. The beautiful and tall mountains, the asymmetrical grassland, the furry sheep, the continuously flowing water sound and the hospitable people make your trek memorable for a lifetime. You can carry a story and an experience that is very different from others in the valleys of Tsum.

The trekking through the Tsum alley is an absolute highlight, with strong, friendly, hospitable people with their Buddhist culture and untouched wildlife. This region is lesser known, but its isolation and remoteness make the Tsum Valley trek a treat for the trekkers.

In a nutshell, this trek is a journey to an isolated region of cultural majesty.

Compiled by: Rebika Bishokarma

Photo By: Project-Himalaya

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