Must visit places for snowfall experience in and around Kathmandu Valley

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Transforming these snow-covered hills into a winter wonderland, the experience becomes a coveted adventure

The Kathmandu Valley, situated at an elevation of 1400 meters above sea level, is enveloped by hills exceeding 2500 meters in height. While some of these hills experience occasional snowfall in winter, it is not guaranteed. However, at higher elevations, snowfall is more frequent, though these areas are more remote and distant from the Kathmandu Valley. Some select hills and locales consistently witnessed snowfall in recent years.

Transforming these snow-covered hills into a winter wonderland, the experience becomes a coveted adventure. Discovering the best places for snowfall near Kathmandu allows for a rare opportunity to revel in the magic of winter. 

Nepal boasts several major snowfall destinations, primarily in mountainous regions with altitudes surpassing 2600 meters above sea level. Although accessing these areas during winter can be challenging, those in Kathmandu can explore snowfall at Phulchowki, Nagarkot, Daman, Kalinchowk, and Chandragiri. To ensure a fulfilling snow experience, it is advisable to check weather forecasts and inquire about the current snowfall conditions at these high-altitude locations. Properly understanding the weather before embarking on a snow-filled adventure enhances the overall enjoyment of these picturesque locales.


Phulchowki, positioned at an elevation of 2762 meters above sea level, lies 20 kilometers southeast of Kathmandu and stands as the highest hill surrounding the Kathmandu Valley. This vantage point offers a breathtaking panorama of the Kathmandu Valley, with the majestic Himalayas gracing the northern horizon and the Terai plains stretching to the south. Covered in lush forests adorned with rhododendrons, orchids, and various green vegetation, Phulchowki has become a sought-after destination for snow enthusiasts.

Enhancing its allure, the hill provides a spectacular backdrop of the Himalayas to the north, making it a favored hotspot for those seeking panoramic views. The addition of snowfall near Kathmandu further accentuates the seasonal beauty of Phulchowki. The dense subtropical forest, coupled with its magnificent vistas, serves as a major attraction for visitors to Phulchowki, making it an emerging viewpoint and a preferred day getaway for bikers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu.

Phulchowki is not only renowned for its scenic beauty but also offers diverse recreational activities, including bird watching, biking, and hiking. The hill becomes especially captivating during snowfall, drawing in numerous individuals eager to revel in the snowy landscape while immersing themselves in the mountainous splendor. The allure of Phulchoki lies not just in its elevation but in the harmonious blend of nature's grandeur, making it a multifaceted destination for those seeking both tranquility and adventure.



Nagarkot, situated at an elevation of 2175 meters above sea level, ranks as the second-highest peak in the vicinity of the Kathmandu Valley. A mere hour-long drive takes you to this scenic destination, where a constant, refreshing breeze welcomes visitors. From Nagarkot, one can behold an expansive panorama of the Himalayan range, including five of the world's tallest mountains visible to the naked eye: Mount Everest (8848 meters), Lhotse (8516 meters), Cho Oyu (8201 meters), Makalu (8463 meters), and Manaslu (8163 meters). This hill station is known for its frequent winter snowfall, making it a popular spot for snow activities and a captivating destination for those seeking a snowy retreat near Kathmandu.

Nagarkot is not only renowned for its snow-covered landscapes but is also celebrated for providing unparalleled sunrise and sunset views. As a perennially favored viewpoint, it offers the quintessential experience of witnessing the best versions of both sunrise and sunset from its summit. This destination is a perennial choice for nighttime escapades and enjoying snowfall in proximity to Kathmandu in Nepal.

Moreover, Nagarkot boasts rich natural diversity, showcasing spectacular Himalayan views and the cultural traditions of the locals. The region's amazing settlements highlight the remarkable geographical variations. Nagarkot is also a sought-after destination for hiking and biking enthusiasts. Conveniently located 32 kilometers east of the Kathmandu Valley, it offers an easily accessible and perfect getaway for those seeking respite in the proximity of Kathmandu.


Chandragiri Hills

Situated 7 kilometers from Thankot, Chandragiri Hill is positioned to the southwest of the Kathmandu Valley, standing tall at an elevation of 2551 meters above sea level. The hill offers an awe-inspiring spectacle of soaring peaks and a panoramic view of the entire Kathmandu Valley, cloaked in a lush green tapestry of flora, creating a pristine and bountiful landscape. The vistas from Chandragiri encompass the entire spectrum of the Kathmandu Valley and extend to the Himalayan ranges, spanning from Annapurna to Everest, providing the sensation of beholding the entirety of Nepal from this elevated vantage point.

In the winter months, Chandragiri transforms into a serene haven as it experiences snowfall, making it an ideal destination for both leisure seekers and snowfall enthusiasts. The hill attracts a considerable number of visitors annually, drawn by the allure of its astounding Himalayan views. Beyond its natural beauty, Chandragiri also holds significance as a pilgrimage site, adding a layer of religious importance to its charm, further solidifying its status as a popular hilltop destination near the Kathmandu Valley.



Nestled at an elevation of 3,700 meters, Kalinchowk is reached after a scenic drive from Kathmandu Valley to Kuri, via Charikot, followed by a 1-2 hour walk. This location is a treasure trove of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Winter transforms Kalinchowk into a snowy haven, making it a sought-after destination for camping and snow play in recent years. Enthusiastic travelers can relish stunning views of mountain peaks like Ganesh Himal, Shisha Pangma, Langtang, Dorje Lakpa, Jugal Himal, Gauri Shankar, and more.

Kalinchowk stands as an enduring beauty, boasting a rich cultural significance, natural splendor, and striking geographical variations in the mountains. It has emerged as a popular destination, drawing visitors throughout the year. During snowy seasons, Kalinchowk experiences a surge in visitors who come to revel in the extensive snowfall near Kathmandu. The presence of the Kalinchowk temple adds a religious touch to the picturesque surroundings, making it an ideal escape for those seeking a blend of spiritual and snow-filled experiences near the Kathmandu Valley.



Perched at an elevation of 2322 meters above sea level, Daman is situated 75 kilometers to the southwest of Kathmandu. Offering an unobstructed view of the Himalayas, this locale becomes the prime vantage point to witness the longest stretch of the majestic mountain range in Nepal when the skies are clear. Daman stands out for its enchanting appeal, with snowfall along the highway drawing visitors to experience the wintry charm.

This destination is celebrated for providing an uninterrupted panorama of the Himalayan ranges, coupled with captivating village settlements cascading down the hillsides. Daman emerges as an ideal retreat for those seeking snow-filled adventures near the Kathmandu Valley. As its reputation as a vantage point grows, Daman consistently attracts a stream of visitors each year, drawn by the allure of snow-covered hilltops.

Beyond its snowfall attractions, Daman is gaining popularity as a hub for cycling, biking, and hiking enthusiasts. The winter months of January and February transform Daman into a snowy wonderland, captivating travellers and beckoning them to explore this beautiful vantage point near the city. Whether for the breathtaking views, the thrill of snowfall activities, or the allure of outdoor pursuits, Daman has established itself as a multifaceted destination that entices visitors throughout the year.

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