Pokhara Diaries: Day 2 (Rain, rain go away)

31, Dec 2021 | nepaltraveller.com

Will the rain put a rather unpleasant halt to my plans in wonderful Pokhara?

It’s getting chillier every passing minute here in Pokhara. The city has been drenched with incessant rainfall, the rain seems to have put a damper on the high spirits of the tourists who seem severely displeased with the sudden rainfall. Even though Pokhara receives frequent rainfall during its monsoon season, the unseasonal rainfall has shrouded the city and people’s faces with gloom. The recently busy and lively streets filled to the brim with the hums of people and vehicles are now desolate, the rivers and lakes bustling with joy and people on boats today lay motionless.


I’m not one to moan about a rainy day, rather I love a bit of rain back in Kathmandu. However, I can't lie the melancholy surrounding the city has permeated my happiness at being in Pokhara too! Today was the first time I ever frowned at the rain; all my plans, all the places I wanted to visit…all (quite literally) in the mud, I suppose! Despite the anguish I felt over a ruined day I still wanted to make the best of a bad day as I went promenading  to find something to do around town.


In my hunt for a spot in town, I happened upon a coffee place around the corner. A hot cup of Latte, the breathtaking views of the Phewa Lake and the fog clad mountains turned my utter anguish to complete relaxation. As I sipped on my coffee, I noticed a fair few umbrellas popping up on the streets, much like me, the people here too seem to have decided that Pokhara was too beautiful of a city to let rain ruin!


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