Sundarijal: A Perfect Getaway for Your Weekend

4, Nov 2020 |

Take a short hike to experience a beautiful waterfall destination.


A village in Gokarneshwor Municipality, Sundarijal lies in the north of Kathmandu and provides quite an adventure throughout the short trek up to the beautiful waterfall. It is a perfect getaway destination for the weekend to visit with friends and family.

Sundarijal, meaning ‘beautiful water’ when translated, is a place where you can enjoy waterfalls, lush green forest, endless trails for nature lovers, mountain bike rides, or even canyoning. Named after Hindu Goddess, Sundarimai, it is also home to Krishna and Ganesh Mandirs (temples). Also, the dam constructed there has become a significant source of water supply and electricity to Kathmandu valley, supplied by water supply stations and Sundarijal Hydropower. The short hike passing through the village will not fail to give you a taste of the local lifestyle of the people living there.



One can easily find a local bus from Ratnapark Bus Stand. The route of this bus will be Ratnapark- Bagbazaar- Kamalpokhari- Ratopool- Gaushala- Chabahil- Bouddha- Jorpati- Gokarna- Sundarijal. So, you can catch the local bus from any place along the route. For the way back, you will get buses traveling on the same route.

Also, you can book a cab to get there. However, for your way back, you might not be able to book one, or the fare charged will be high.


The best option would be to arrange a private car or a jeep to reach the spot at the start of the hike. Two-wheelers can be another option, but only for bike ride lovers.

The timing of the route from Ratnapark- Gokarneshwor might be unpredictable due to traffic. It might take you from 45 mins to an hour. However, after Gokarneshwor it is a smooth ride taking about 15- 20 mins to reach the stop after where the hike starts.


  • Site of Sundarijal Hydropower Station

When you reach a certain point you can see a clear sight of the hydropower station that is a significant source of electricity to Kathmandu Valley. You will also enjoy the view of the village and city that you can see from up there. 

  • Local restaurants

You do not want to miss the local taste of various cuisines that you can find in the restaurants on your way there. 

  • Swimming and Canyoning in Sundarijal

Once you finally reach the waterfall (and if you are there in the right season), you cannot hold yourself back from going into the water a little bit or more of splashes. If you are an adventure lover, you can also go swimming or canyoning.

  • Shivapuri National Park

A large part of the Sundarijal is covered by Shivapuri National Park. Therefore, the tiny village is a gateway to the national park. From 45 min to 1 hr hike from Sundarijal, you will reach the entry border to the national park. The journey to Chisapani, until Nagarkot and further to Dhulikhel and Panauti also starts from here.


  • If you are a foreigner, make sure to carry your passport. They might ask for it as the ticket counter/ checkpoint.
  • Groups with children must be careful or might even want to skip the hike due to slippery and uneven trails.
  • One must hike for about 30- 60 min (depending on people) from the village before they reach the waterfall.
  • June- August is the best time to visit this destination, that is when the waterfall is at the fullest. Immediately after that time, it would be a beautiful place for photography.
  • Start the journey early, as it is also known as a one-day hike destination. You do not want to make it dark or get stuck in traffic on your way back.


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