The Devi’s Falls: Pokhara 

5, Feb 2021 |

Devi’s falls also known as Patale Chango in Nepali is a waterfall that flows about 500 feet through the natural tunnel 100 feet from ground level.


In the afternoon of 31st July 1961 A.D. a Swiss lady named Mrs.Devis was swept away by a sudden flood from Fewa Lake while she was having a bath with her husband beside it. Since then this place is called The Devi's Falls.

This waterfall is in a fast moving river in a narrow canyon, that goes underground and through a series of caves after the falls. It is also called 'Patale Chango' in Nepali which means underground Waterfall. The water from the fall flow about 500 feet through the natural tunnel at the depth of 100 feets from ground level. The water passes through the cave called  Gupteshwor Mahadev cave beneath the land.

It is an attraction for tourists and locals. Thousands of Nepalis visit for recreation and enjoyment. Once it was considered as a suicide point since the locals as well as the tourists jumped from the cliff down to the bottom of the fall. Safety measures were applied soon after increase in such activities by constructing metal fences around the cliff to prevent further suicides.

Mahendra Cave and Devis Falls, are situated very close to each other. So when you visit cave, visit falls as well. Visitors can try their luck on the luck pond constructed there by throwing and placing the coin on the statue of God. Likewise, one can find a model of traditional typical Nepali houses and a series of statues of Nepali people wearing traditional dresses where visitors can click photo. You can get to the street where these handicraft markets and attractions are located by local bus from city center. The shops are cheap and the locals are well mannered. But if you are in rush take taxi instead or don’t visit them at all.

The best time to view this spectacular sight is during the monsoon season when there is a high rainfall. During this period, the water runs and plunges over rocks and through gorges, giving visitors a breathtaking show.


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