The Ultimate Pokhara Pitstop

1, Dec 2022 |

Nestled at the busy street of Lakeside, Busy Bee attracts everyone from western backpackers to eastern honeymooners

A lively bar in the heart of Lakeside, Busy Bee really lives up to its name—always buzzing. While customers frequently dance inside to live music, the outdoor area, which has the feel of a beer garden, is commonly packed with tourists and locals. It's a simple, cozy and happening place to have a good time, especially once the sun has set. 

Busy Bee offers two types of seating: outside in the outdoor area, where you can enjoy the street vibes of Pokhara, or inside, where live music keeps the visitors tapping their feet and dancing away at all times. Not just that, it is also a great place to meet new travel companions. 

Just because it is known far and wide as a bar, doesn’t mean the food here is so-so. They have a dedicated team to give you that food-drink balance, whether you want pizza and beer or finger food and cocktails

Their Busy Bee Special Pizza can be seen in almost all the tables, and what a burst of flavour it was! If you’re visiting with your friends, you’ll probably be fighting over the last slice of pizza. But if pizza is not what makes your palates happy, do try their chop suey. A delicious mix of stir-fry of tender chicken and crunchy vegetables along with noodles with sauced glazed on top of it, every bite of this crunchy noodles is delicious.

Although the choice of cocktails and other alcoholic beverages is a matter of personal preference, the cocktails recommended by the staff were seriously exotic and refreshing. With the elegant blend of alcohols and fruit juices, the mixologist worked his magic on the glasses of different drinks served to us with a clean finish and pleasant aroma of sweetness mixed with a slightly strong hint of bitterness. With the live music playing in the background and the refreshing cocktails setting the mood right we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest making each moment count!

Despite being flooded with customers, the service here is really efficient and quick. The staff are highly competent, kind, and helpful. They are really professional in whatever they do, be it serving the dish to answering your queries or even giving you suggestions if you’re not able to decide what to choose.

Jack, the owner of Busy Bee, is a very fun and passionate guy who has been in this industry for more than a decade. His dedication and effort towards uplifting the quality and the service of the bar are truly commendable. Overall, the setting is luxurious, and the food was both enjoyable and comforting. Who needs anything more? So pick a date and schedule a visit at Busy Bee Pokhara real quick!

Photos By: Bidyash Dangol

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