Tindhare Jharana: Hidden Gem of Kavre

Tindhare Jharana: Hidden Gem of Kavre

4, Oct 2020 | nepaltraveller.com

Tindhare Jharna is a brand new destination in Kavrepalanchowk District for all those people who were tired by making repetitive visits to Jhor Waterfall.


Tindhare Jharana, widely known as BahuBali Jharana, is located in the Roshi municipality in Kavre district. It is located exactly in the Kaphal danda of kavre, east of Kathmandu. Its new name 'Bahubali' evolved from the waterfall scene of movie Bahubali which looks exactly alike with Tindhare Jharana. This waterfall is around 300m tall.The amusing natural beauty and stunning views of this fall and surrounding makes it a must visit place of Nepal.

The waterfall had been there for hundreds of years but it became popular after some people took its pictures by drone cameras in the first week of February. The waterfall gets its name from the fact that it is made from three streams. Now, Tindhare Jharana of Kavre is gaining popularity for its amazing beauty and a lot of people from the neighboring districts are visiting it on a daily basis for refreshment and hiking. All thanks to social media apps which made this hidden jewels of Nepal public. This new scenic spot is breath-taking, adventurous and stunning and has a huge potential as a tourism destination.


Apart from enjoying this waterfall, on the way, you can also explore Namobuddha monastery and the beautiful Dhulikhel which attracts you for its scenic beauty. The Newari and Tamang cultural villages on the way are also a major part to explore while visiting Tindhare Jharana. In the local initiation, this wonderful place got a new exposure as a wonderful destination. It is becoming a very trending place to explore among the youngsters of Kathmandu valley and nearby districts. Also, the unique languages, taste and traditions of local people will impress and make your trip memorable. Also, the land of this area is still fertile and has been untouched by the cement industries which give you the opportunity of seeing the unique cultural life in the villages. Traditionally brewed Nepalese drinks like Chhyang and raksi from this area are highly popular. Additionally, another best and exciting part of this journey is hiking along with you group members.


Tindhara Jharana is located around 65km away from the central of Kathmandu. Short drive from Kathmandu will take you to Dhulikhel in Kavre via Banepa. From Dhulikhel, another drive in the Sindhuli-Dhulikhel highway segment will take you to Jaruwakhola after approximately 35 Km drive. Finally, after reaching Jaruwakhola one needs to hike for around 1-2 hours to reach this beautiful destination.


For reaching this place, you can either use a motorbike or bus. Due to the rainfall, the roads of this place can be muddy and slippery. Also, the road of this area is not so well constructed. So, while planning to visit by bike, make sure the bike has enough fuel and is in good condition. Also, to reach there by bus, reach Banepa or Dhulikhel in time as only 2 - 4 buses are available on a daily basis with a specific time period.


Well, till now you don't need to pay any amount of money to enter this heaven. Free entry has been a major reason for bringing more than 100 visitors everyday. But, by looking at its popularity, we can't say that its permit fees will remain free for a long time. Be it Local people or local municipality, in near future, they might start setting some specific rules and fee for entrance as this waterfall has high potentiality in grabbing the attention of people.


Being a remote area, it has its own taste and flavour which is totally different from those of cities. There are only a few shops and hotels offering services by preparing their own kind of local cuisines and welcoming guests with warm greetings.


Wear mask and carry sanitizer while visiting this place, make sure that your travelling transportation is in good condition as there are only specific repair centres and make sure to give your full effort to preserve this place without throwing any wastes around the environment because it is our national property and it all depend on us whether to destroy it or protect it.

Compiled by Kushum Kharel


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