Top 5 things to do in Basantapur

Wondering what to do when you’re at Basantapur? We’re here to help you!

11, Oct 2022 |

Famous for its old palaces, there’s so much you can do when in Basantapur.

During the monarchy, Basantapur was the coronation place, but now it is preserved as a religious and cultural site. This place hosts different feats and jatras and people come from different corners of the country, which helps preserve ancient culture.  



In this modern world, shopping has become one of the most fun activities whenever you leave your house . There are a number of fancy stores and shops which are attracting tourists as well as locals in Basantapur area. The reason? Shopping in this area is affordable! We can largely see many shops on the Northern side of Taleju Bhawani temple and the other side of Kathmandu fire brigade. There are many handicrafts stores as well as fancy stores that anyone can easily go and buy whatever they want.


Stroll around Durbar Square

Basantapur Durbar Square was the royal residence up to the 19th century. The palace is decorated with elaborately carved wooden windows and panels. Durbar Square is an important site for Buddhist and Hindu rituals, holy ceremonies, royal events and kingly coronations. It is possible to visit the state rooms inside the palace. Palaces in the square have gone through many construction as it was damaged by an earthquake in 2015. Durbar square is also known as Hanuman Dhoka as the statue of hanuman is located at the entrance of the palace.


 Food adventures

Fancy restaurants, cafes and local foods are scattered all over Basantapur. We would recommend tasting the local authentic Newari dishes. Apart from local food, there are various restaurants and café that should not be missed such as Solo (a Japanese restaurant), Sweet Fix, Momo Sekuwa Pasal, Mad Munch and many more. Bubble tea, corn cheese, panipuri and mainly lassi are also famous in this area.  


Get a glimpse of Kumari

Kumari Ghar is a Palace in the centre of Basantapur where the living goddess Kumari lives. Trishna Shakya is the current Kumari of Kathmandu. The best time to visit Kumari Ghar (home of kumari) is in the morning or evening. The living goddess shows herself from the window of the Kumari Ghar between 9am to 11am and around 4pm to 5pm. It is said, it will bring good luck if you catch a glimpse of her. Clicking photos of kumari is strictly prohibited.  


Visit Kaal Bhairav

Kaal Bhairav is a Hindu shrine located in Kathmandu Durbar Square. According to Puranas, Kaal Bhairav was created by Lord Shiva to destroy demons during a war between devas and asuras. Kaal Bhairav has been sculpted from a single stone. It is believed that worshipping Lord Kaal Bhairav helps to overcome diseases, adversaries, enemies and poverty. The place of worship is an open area in the complex. The idol and the structure that surround it are made of stone and were carved in the 5th century. Hundreds of people come to visit kaal bhairav on a daily basis.

Complied by: Nikita Gautam

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