Madan Ashrit Highway

1, Nov 2020 |

Shortest and one of the busiest international highway in Nepal


Madan Ashrit Highway, often known as the Muglin-Narayangadh highway is one of the busiest international roadway links of Nepal. The highway observes 90% of all international traffics and about 20,000 vehicles daily. With a total length of 36km, it is the shortest highway in Nepal. This highway tracks the path in the Bagmati Province of Central Nepal.

The newly built highway completed its construction in the year 2018. Madan Ashrit Highway is the well-noticed National Highway of Nepal. It got its name from two great Nepali Communist revolutionary - Madan Bhandari and Jeev Raj Ashrit. They had a mysterious death along this route at Dasdhunga. A 33.2 km section was being widened from 5 meters to 9-11 meters and finished in June 2018.


The Madan Ashrit Highway also gains its significance as a major junction from connecting to two other well-known highways of Nepal - Prithvi Highway and Mahendra Highway at Mugling. Like many other national highways, the maintenance is looked into by the Department of Road.

This highway lies in the hilly region and is vital for the smooth movement of people in the hilly area. Pulchowk, Narayanghat, and Mugling are the major Destination in this route. The route also paves the way to the famous tourist hub, Chitwan National Park.


Q. Who is Madan Bhandari?
Madan Bhandari was the renounced politician of the Nepalese communist party. He was born in the Taplejung in the year 1951 AD. He died mysteriously in the year 1993 AD.

Q. Where is Chitwan?
Chitwan is a famous tourist hub of Nepal that lies in Bagmati province, Nepal.

Q. Can we reach Chitwan via Madan Ashrit Highway?
Yes, the highway leads the way to Chitwan.

Q. What is the starting and ending point of Madan Ashrit Highway?
The highway starts at Narayanghat, Chitwan and ends at Mugling, Chitwan.

Complied by Pawana Shrestha, a content writer at Nepaltraveller.


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