Seti Highway

1, Nov 2020 |

National Highway that runs through the Western Region of Nepal


Named after the Seti River, the Seti highway is one of the short national highway of Nepal. This route runs along the western region of Nepal connecting the towns of Amargadhi, the district headquarter of Dadeldhura, and Dipayal Silgadhi, the district headquarter of Doti. Spanning over 66 km Seti Highway begins in Amargadhi where it meets the Mahakali highway and ends in Dipayal.

The road, also known as H15, is mostly asphalted, with some gravel sections through a high mountain area. Also, the route, full of turns and twirls, follows the Seti River alongside, giving stunning views to capture throughout the journey.

Construction of this highway has helped in the upliftment of the livelihood of the people in this region. This highway has made rural life comfortable as it connects the rural population to the fundamental infrastructure.

As the highway goes through the hilly region, traveling through this highway during monsoon is dangerous due to the risk of soil erosion and landslides.


Amargadhi and Dipayal are the major junctions on the highway. This beautiful highway escorts to various fascinating places to visit. Some of the major destinations are Dipayal Silgadhi, Kalikasthan, Mubadhara, Latamandau, Barapata, Jojodamandau, Kailpalmandu, Mashtamandau, Nawadurga, Ganeshpur, Manilek, and Saule Bazaar.


Q. Which is the longest highway in Nepal?
Mahendra highway is the longest highway in Nepal. The Mid-hill highway is the under-construction longest highway.

Q. Which is the oldest highway in Nepal?
Tribhuvan highway

Q. What are the top five highways in Nepal?
Mahendra Highway, Tribhuvan highway, Prithivi highway, Karnali highway, Siddhartha highway.

Complied by Pawana Shrestha, a content writer at Nepaltraveller.


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