The 6th Edition of Jyoti LIfe The Amazing Motor Rally

KGH Group concludes their most awaited event for the year with a grand celebration

4, Feb 2019 |

This year’s rally intends to bring about consciousness among people about cancer by partnering up with Nepal Cancer Relief Society by proclaiming its curability if caught on time. Moreover, with the aim to rigorously boost Nepal Tourism Year 2020, the rally also put in the effort in attracting international attention.

On February 1st, 2019, KGH Foundation organised their annual motor rally to promote cancer awareness for the nearing World Cancer Day and support VISIT NEPAL 2020. This year’s rally intends to bring about consciousness among people about cancer by partnering up with Nepal Cancer Relief Society by proclaiming its curability if caught on time. Moreover, with the aim to rigorously boost Nepal Tourism Year 2020, the rally also put in the effort in attracting international attention. Participant cars were lined with posters and banners related to the topics as they made their way to the Nepali city of lakes.

The participants of the rally gathered at the Nepal Tourism Board where they were given details about the event again, served breakfast and asked to decorate their cars with stickers related to awareness topics. At 7:30 AM, after explaining the rules of the event and specifying the directions and checkpoints, Sunil Shakya and Diwakar Rajkarnikar, chair of KGH group and The Amazing Motor Rally 2019 respectively commenced the flag-off ceremony, and allowed car number 1 to exit the premises to head to Pokhara. The remaining 31 participant cars were also seen off by notable figures of various industries before leaving the starting point after an interval of a minute each.

What is noteworthy is that even though the rally arranged lucrative prizes for the various victors, the winner was selected with the use of a GPS device from GeoMate that analysed the TDS or time, distance and speed of every car on average. So, the car that reached the given checkpoints under the stated less than 85 kmph speed limit and over the given time limit was more likely to win. This not only helped to minimise the risk of any accident on the road by 50-60% but also helped to ensure participants learning safe driving measures.

Along the way, the participants were assigned tasks that ranged from solving riddles, crossword puzzles, scavenger hunts, sticking up posters, posting pictures and videos of certain activities on social media and much more.

With the first checkpoint being in Jawalakhel, the cars set out to collect their tasks and head to the next destination in their journey; Naubise. At Naubise, people were assigned more tasks at the checkpoint and then asked to make their ways toward Malekhu, where people were served their infamous fried fish and instructed to take pictures next to the shops and publish them on social media. Next on the route was Siddhartha Cottage at Chumlingtar where lunch was served to all the participants, and games like beer pong and dizzy bat were played. After that, 52 kms down the road was the next stop, Damauli, that brought another onslaught of tasks and determination to win. Participants then found themselves at Waterfront by KGH Group to get involved in a pretty tricky scavenger hunt. The scenic view of lakeside paired with the tranquil nature of the hotel might have been a complete distraction for the people but who can simply not stand at stare at the glorious view of the rolling hills, peaking mountains, glimmering lake and serene silence. However, no one could stay long as they had to gather at Bindabasini, where all the cars came together to finally ascend to Sarangkot, at an altitude of 1600m, where lied their final destination, Himalayan Front by KGH. 

After almost 10 hours on the road, guests were warmly received by enthusiastic staff members and were ushered into their rooms or the terrace to get fresh or have high tea. Quite some time later, everybody made their way to the garden by the pool where speakers took the stage to passionately talk about the event. It was attended by the Minister of Industry, Tourism, Forest and Environment of Province no. 4, Bikas Lamsal, singer Dhiraj Rai, former Miss Nepals- Nikita Chandak, Rojina Shrestha, Sahara Basnet and current mantle holders, Shrinkhala Khatiwada, Ronali Amatya, Priya Sigdel, managers, chairs and owners of the KGH group, faces of corporate houses and media personnels.

The most anticipated part of the event, the prize distribution, was preceded by a cultural program and a few words from the Minister, Sunil Shakya and Diwakar Rajkarnikar. All these personalities highlighted the issues of tourism in Nepal. They spoke of how rich the nation is when it comes to resources but is unable to utilize it to ensure further infrastructure development. And without this progression, tourism sector, although one of the most revenue generating sectors in Nepal, hasn’t been able to flourish. Bikas Lamsal stated, “Pokhara is a lake city unlike any other in the world. It has the potential of attracting a much bigger inflow of visitors than we initially have if we are able to promote Nepal Tourism Year 2020 with no compromises.”

Sunil Shakya further added to that comment by saying, “Pokhara has the deepest valleys and the some of the highest mountains. It has beautiful blue lakes and the utmost potential to attract maximum tourists. However, if we are able to develop tourism domestically, we won’t have the need to be dependent internationally. Yes, global citizens do visit this city and spend a lot of money which generates revenue. And yes, we want to establish Nepal’s name in the world as a go-to spot for vacations and adventures and relaxation. But we are steadily on our way to achieve that with VISIT NEPAL 2020, so, I’d also like to focus on having a platform and scenario where Nepalis themselves support local tourism.”

Diwakar Rajkarnikar announced how the event went smoothly with no reported mishaps or accidents during the 200 km journey, thanked all their sponsors and accentuated on the importance of events like these to bring about social awareness when it comes to concerning issues such as cancer and safe driving. 

Finally, the winners were given their prizes, that included, tickets from Turkish AIrlines to Hawaii and Delhi, a helicopter ride, mountain flight, gift vouchers from Himalayan Front and their spa, vouchers from Trisara, vouchers from GeoMate and many more. Guests were served snacks and were encouraged to help themselves to a free flow of beer and relax after such an eventful day. The wonderful night came to a conclusion as Dhiraj Rai took the stage to perform his melodious songs that got everyone to their feet and dancing. Dinner was served at their restaurant and everyone took to their rooms to discuss their still present excitement about the wonderful time that they had.
In the morning, Himalayan Front lived up to its name as guests woke up to the magnificent sight of the Annapurna towering over the hills in all its white, snow-capped glory in the infinite sky. Post breakfast, people checked out and were asked to head towards Pame where they’d be served lunch or Waterfront Resort if they wished to. Those involved made their ways to the 
health camps organised by the KGH Foundation and bag distribution program to complete the charity event.

All in all, Jyoti Life The Amazing Motor Rally 2019, managed to be a huge success and their constant effort to support so many causes that will surely help to bring about positive changes in these sectors.

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