Stories Of Fields- An Exhibition By Sagar Manandhar

5, Jan 2019 |

Renowned abstract artist, Sagar Manandhar unveils his new series titled “Khet ka kathaharu”

On January 4, in Ageno the Hestia’s halls, Nepali abstract artist, Sagar Manandhar displayed his new series- ‘Khet ka kathaharu’ or Stories of Fields.

Based on the agrarian status of the small Himalayan nation, the canvases hung on the walls were painted various shades of green and yellow and blue, and conveyed the beauty of the still pre-modern occupational Nepal. 

Manandhar states that, “Khet ka kathaharu- Stories of fields, is what I have tried narrating with the gestures and culmination of spectrums of colours on the canvases in this exhibition. My creations on display are inspired by the lush greenery and vast fields depicting Nepal, the land of agriculture.”

“Here I created my own fields in the empty canvases and filled them with textures and patches. Just like a farmer working in a field for a fruitful yield, my imaginary fields of canvases rewarded me with the colourful visual outputs to be displayed in this exhibition. Thus, I am a farmer in my own field of canvases.”

Attended by the Director of Dabur Nepal, Nepal Lalit Kala Pragya Sadan’s Chairman, former Ambassador to India and art students, the exhibition was a success as all art aficionados expressed their liking and praises for Manandhar’s paintings. Every guest spokesperson mentioned the importance of every young individual to show an interest in painting as it would ensure the fact that the art would be carried on generationally.

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