Discover Lost Cuisines of Nepal at Hyatt Place Kathmandu

The fest opens its doors at 6:30 PM and has a diverse menu with various traditional dishes.

30, Oct 2022 |

Hyatt Place Kathmandu invites you to their week-long food festival to celebrate the food heritage and ethnic cuisines of Nepal

In collaboration with Raithane, a food enterprise that champions traditional ingredients and dishes, Hyatt Place Kathmandu kicked off a week-long festival on October 29, 2022, to celebrate the food heritage and ethnic cuisines of Nepal. The festival was inaugurated by veteran entrepreneur Pawan Golyan and the founder of Raithane Restaurant, Jason Shah.

Modernisation is essential; it is equally important to preserve the tradition & culture we inherited, with cuisine being the impartial part of it. Underlining the same belief, “Lost Cuisines of Nepal” is an initiation by Hyatt Place Kathmandu to accent these traditional dishes, which is not just going to be a culinary experience but also will take you through the journey of the lifestyle of the Nepalese people reflected through the dishes. 

There are fourteen different dishes from the east to the west part of Nepal, from mountain to terai, from various communities like Sherpa, Rai, Limbu, Tharu, Thakali, Newar, Maithili, Magar, and so on. The fest opens its doors at 6:30 PM and has a diverse menu with various traditional dishes. For instance, in Phalgi, the sweetness of young green maize is preserved by crushing it and drying it for use in winter stews served in the eastern part of Nepal, especially in the Sherpa community. In Taruwa, seasonal greens are dipped in fresh batter and fried to provide a crispy bite to an everyday meal prepared in the Terai part, mainly in Maithili and Tharu communities. Similarly, Yanben Faksa, wild edible lichen, is elaborately processed and paired with pork offal, a classic dish of the Limbu and Rai community. Thekuwa, an ancient delicacy, is prepared for wedding rituals in the Terai regions. Likewise, Rikikur (Sherpa’s savoury potato pancake), Chatamari (crispy rice flour with black-eyed beans, potato & egg), Batuk Chukauni (deep fried rice bean patties with potato yoghurt salad), Sea Bokthorn Juice (sweetened with local honey), Buckwheat Jaggery Cookies, Su-Cha (yak milk & butter tea), Kaguno bean salad (foxtail millet, local beans & seasonal vegetables), Kaguno Kheer (sweet pudding made from foxtail millet), Kanchemba (buckwheat fries) and Rice & Fish curry are the delicious delicacies served in the fest. 

The festival, which will run till November 5, also has live cooking stalls by Raithane’s expert chefs. The event offers a variety of aromatic appetisers, exquisite sweets, and mouth-watering dinners to give you a taste of authentic Nepali cuisine

For Reservations: 

Hyatt Place Kathmandu

+977 1 538 1234 / +977 9801229377

Tahachal, Kathmandu, Nepal

Time: 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm till November 5

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