Kholo 2.0 - A cycle of life

2, Mar 2021 |

Kholo 2.0, a 7-month long art exhibition conducted by is one of the longest Art exhibition in Nepal.

Art is generally understood as any activity or product done by people with a communicative or aesthetic purpose. But many people also say that art cannot be defined. Art is also a way to express the feeling. But art is much more than we think. It is in various forms. Many people misunderstand art and think it’s just based on paintbrushes and canvas. But art is much broader than we think. Music is an art so is the Film. To promote the various forms of art, was started as a platform for all young artists.
Talking about Tulikaa, it is an online platform connecting artists, entrepreneurs, art enthusiasts, and collectors in Nepal. Their motto is to provide a platform for young artists and promote them. They have been doing various art events and exhibitions. Ujen Norbu Gurung, co-founder, ceo, and the curator of the tulikaa started this platform especially to promote the young artists. He said that ‘when we think about art we always think about a painting or a drawing but we never realize that even pottery and sculpture are forms of art’. To promote all kinds of art and the artist  the started and the Kholo 2.0 is the second edition of the art exhibition to promote it. 

Kholo 2.0 - A cycle of Life

Kholo 2.0, a 7-month long art exhibition conducted by is one of the longest Art exhibition in Nepal. They have been doing various art events and exhibitions and the Kholo 2.0 is the biggest and the longest one. The 7 months long exhibition includes 28 different artists and 7 different genres. The event gives a perfect opportunity for the young artist to have a solo exhibition. The Kholo is in its second edition. As per Ujen Norbu Gurung ( Ceo of around 500 people have visited till now (26th February 2021) and the response has been amazing. The exhibition switches from one artist to another every week. So there is always a new artist with a different style and genre.

Ghost of Patan

When we visited the exhibition, a series of pictures were displayed over there titled “Ghost of Patan”. The pictures were taken by Prajwal Bhattrai. He is a photographer who has been in this field for around 13 years. He is a passionate photographer who has been doing street photography. Talking about the picture which was displayed, he gives it to viewers/audience to think about the picture and what they feel from their own perspective. He even mentioned that “I never write any caption on the picture that I post, I always give it to the viewers what they think about the picture”, As “a picture is a poem without a word” Horace( a roman lyric poet).


If you are thinking of visiting the exhibition it is highly recommended as the exhibition is about 7 months long it is not ending soon. It is happening at Dhokaima Cafe which is located at Patan Dhoka. For further information, you can visit their social media too. 


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