Menuette; a foodie’s dream

25, Oct 2019 |

On October 25, a meet and greet event was hosted by Bawarchi, Babarmahal regarding Menuette, an app which is going to revolutionise the way people go out to eat

Food-hunting is a tiresome chore. You have to first look up food blogs for different places followed by researching reviews, eyeing photos and not to forget the menu. This is especially time consuming and bothersome when we have to open multiple tabs to search for restaurants around us. It would be amazing if someone put all those data in a single app so that we could access it more easily without it being so cumbersome, right? Menuette is an app which does just that and much more.

Menuette is a platform for people who want to know where the trending places to dine are. When people open this app, they can see a list of restaurants around them and what’s more, we can even see and upload pictures and reviews of different restaurants. People can even adjust the distance radius of restaurants around them to narrow the list if they don’t want to walk much. But the most important aspect of this app which separates it from other media platforms such as Instagram is that you don’t have to follow anyone to see those posts and reviews; it’s just there ready to be of any help. So basically, you don’t have to scroll mindlessly through ten different tabs searching for the perfect restaurant with the right ambience and cuisine.

Started around two and a half years ago by Saurav Shrestha and his team, Menuette is their brain child. Although it hasn’t been released yet due to a few bugs here and there, it will be launched in a week or so after they’re taken care of. Extremely passionate about food, technology and cats, Saurav had been studying abroad for quite some time. He reckons what made him release this app was the Nepal Earthquake 2015 which started the butterfly effect. At that time he was living in the U.S and according to him, he along with many other Nepalese immigrants felt guilty not being able to help. So, he started a charity platform along with his friends to help Nepal recover from the terrible disaster. Realising that he loved helping others, the steps from here on afterwards were a mix of a foodie’s dream and love for technology.

Working a 9-5 job after which he comes home and cooks dinner, Saurav starts working on the app till around two in the morn. His team joked that while it may be night for others, it will still be a day for him. When asked why a person living in the U.S would be willing to do so much for Nepal, Saurav replied with a touching sentiment, “Kathmandu is where my heart is.”

The meet and greet was a cool laid-back event where food bloggers and such mingled around each other and had a good time. It was a chance to meet with like-minded people and everyone couldn’t be more than happy. The event ended with a dinner where you could see everyone chattering happily with each other whilst snapping pictures of their dishes with their camera flashes on.

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